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KU DBs on Jayhawks' defensive issues vs. Memphis

After Kansas surrendered 55 points in a home loss to Memphis, junior cornerback Brandon Stewart and junior safety Fish Smithson explain the Jayhawks’ defensive issues. Failing to recognize things quickly and drop-offs in fundamentals burned Kansas in the loss, the defensive backs say.


Joe Ross

Brandon Stewart speaks in too many generalities. "We just gotta stay focused and just play as a group, down by down, play by play, and we'll be okay."

This is not a prescription for FIXING anything. If he understands the specific issues that need to be addressed to improve performance, it's surely not evident by anything he said. Thats worrisome because the understanding itself is the key to getting better!

Believe me, Im not down on this team. The players did not put themselves in the bad position in which they find themselves. But it may be true that the key to getting better is successive recruiting classes. There is also potential to improve performance with coaching, but if the performance of Cozart is any indication of the rest of the team, then maybe your hopes are better placed in the high school football fields in the State of Texas.

6 years, 11 months ago


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