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zabudda (Anonymous) says...

The NBAPA's only function is to represent their members. Just like the LJW's only function is to sell newspapers and the various forms of media they make revenue from.

zabudda (Anonymous) says...

Obviously we are in disagreement about what will happen and what to do about it in the near term or long term.

We can't do anything about the past and we can't predict the future. I think the uncertainty of the outcome and how long it will take to see one makes us sick to our stomachs. Also it hurts that Silvio was regarded as a savior for our team so we take the potential loss of his services more personally.

None of this will likely address the root issue of corruption. A few of the shoe companies, who by the way are using slave labor to make their obscene profits, will have some "salesmen" fired or maybe worse. Unless the FBI has incriminating evidence regarding company owners directing reps to engage in criminal acts the beat will go on. Even dumping Adidias as an accounts receivable partner will not help us now. NCAA will smack us hard if they can. I say who needs the NCAA anyway. Just can't trust them to do anything but cover their ass and worry about public relations. Who believes they will wait because the FBI asks them to? You won't see them have an impact on these companies because they have no authority to do so. Only the DOJ and whatever laws have been broken will decide if there is anything to be done about that. Maybe we can go to Big Baller Brand in the future.

zabudda (Anonymous) says...

Funny, but not suspect, that sponsors like Adidas, Nike and Under Armor have had "employees" get slapped but still hold sway over college teams. Even with the threat of sanctions looming I don't hear a coach or AD saying we no longer will accept money and merchandise from this or these suppliers. KU or any program getting nuked will not stop or probably even slow down the illegal payments. Shoe/apparel company agents cheat because they are paid on the basis of signing players. Huge amounts of money are involved and when that is the case then it is inevitable the payoffs/bribes and selling to the highest bidders will occur. It is corrupt but not any more than the rest of the sport.

I don't think it can be stopped because the dynamics of avarice will not stop. If you want to impact it then fines equal to monies received are in order.

This is not really an NCAA issue but they will step in to stay relevant and damage a few pesky/out of favor programs. KU will not get a pass like some other teams have. Doing away with the NCAA as a disciplinary body will allow some progress to be made without their self protecting interference.

The FBI only acts under the direction of the DOJ who determine if an investigation has merit and if any federal laws are being possibly violated. I'm not sure what laws are in play here. Then the DOJ is impacted by political influences and does our state have any influental/credible players there?

Now we are talking real money in legal costs and criminal charges.

The system has been corrupted forever and, with the (i'm saying most) players and their families being from economic backgrounds that relative small amounts of cash are virtually impossible to ignore, it will continue.

We will gnash our teeth and have a hissy fit but in the end we will have to live with hits to our program.

zabudda (Anonymous) says...

Made me a fan from the get go. We saw glimpses here and there of his play making ability. That type of vision and flair will be freed at the next level.

He will be remembered and appreciated for a long time. Jayhawk for ever!

zabudda (Anonymous) says...

After it clicked for him this season we got to see what all the hype was about. This is a natural scorer with a long game, mid range game and ability to drive downhill. He displayed that pretty rare knack of finishing at the rim. Basically became unstoppable.

Good attitude and team mate. Thanks for being a Jayhawk Malik. You were special.

zabudda (Anonymous) says...

This NCAA season, and tourney, were both a, what the heck is going on, four month ride. We won a 14th straight league title with a flawed roster that perplexed coach Self just like the rest of us. The streak will be what is remembered 10 years from now.

Reality always has it's day and that's fine. Another year in a string of needing just one more really good starter to be complete. We won most of the games that could have gone either way and pulled off some unlikely comebacks. We got exposed several times and coach patched us together as well as he could but we were still bleeding internally. We never hit the point where we dominated entire games because we just weren't talented enough to do that.

The AA team, outside of Brunson and DeVonte are all freshman who are years away from being first line pros. No Ben Simmons in sight. The recruit rating system is at best a semi-reliable guessing game. Malik was a top ten rated player two years ago and we finally got to see what all the hype was about and he is scary good. I would say Malik is 100% gone from KU. Ouch.

We are excited about next year but who will stay and who will transfer? We see that transfers and red shirts take a whole eligible season to develop in Self's system and we don't know how well Dotson and Grimes will play. Silvio, Mitch, Garrett and, short leash, Cunliffe will all be better for sure. Udoka may stay or get drafted or play overseas. It was heart warming to see his Mom being reunited with her son.

I'm not sure where the college game will go next. The three point shot and one and done era have been around for long enough for us to know but the coaching is slow to catch up because you have to win immediately to turn a profit and keep your job.

DeVonte will be remembered until he gets his jersey retired. We will live and die as fans with the 2018-2019 Jayhawks from this day until next March. I've been a conscious fan since about 1960 when I followed the team via radio from a very small town an hour or so south of Lawrence. I'm locked in during the season and follow KU football when it starts. Who can explain why?

Thanks again to the LJW crew and fellow posters for keeping me entertained.

zabudda (Anonymous) says...

Awesome!! How old was he when he outgrew Mom, If he has?

No emotional fouls big fella.

On Azubuike's mother arrives in San Antonio

Posted 31 March 2018, 6:11 p.m. Suggest removal

zabudda (Anonymous) says...

We don't need a triple double but if you can run them off the line and rebound that will help. You helped sustain us when Vick was struggling and made #14 more possible. We know you can hit shots and drive too.

We keep saying it and hearing it but Marcus' impact on D with deflections, busy hands and steals are invaluable and will be tomorrow and for the next three years.

zabudda (Anonymous) says...

PR move by the NCAA. The NCAA and the schools make vast amounts of revenue off these players. Large percentages of players are from poor working class backgrounds whose families are living paycheck to paycheck and cant afford any extras or afford or be allowed to miss work. Nice to see it being done but masks the realities of the business.

zabudda (Anonymous) says...

Malik was going to declare after his freshman year but wasn't high on NBA radar screens. He decided to go to where he could be challenged and coached and was wiling to sit a season. I'll guarantee he is a big blip on the NBA scope now. He and his dad will look at it and decide but surely he is gone.