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tychi_jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

But of course. The venerable Eric Bruskotter as Rube Baker is who I was thinking of. But I guess that's not very fair to Eric, is it?

tychi_jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

Couldn't get past the first 20 seconds of the audio.. The guy sounds like a moron. Or like the catcher in Major League.

tychi_jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

Mizzou can't have thier cake and eat it too. We said if they moved to the SEC then our rivalry is done. They moved. That's it. Hello KSU. We shall be rivals.

Gill, sorry bud, you have to go. I've been on your side since the beginning, but it's been embarrassing... utterly embarrassing. It's one thing to compete and lose, it's another thing to just poop the bed every game.

On Turner Gill’s focus on MU, not on his future

Posted 22 November 2011, 12:28 p.m. Suggest removal

tychi_jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

I disagree. How are we "far worse for this change"? Playing Mizzery got us what exactly? The answer is merely the satisfaction of beating them.

In terms of the BIG12 (-2), it was almost a wash this time around. TCU is not quite what A&M is, but WVU is more than Mizzou. 6 of one, a half dozen of another. Almost a zero net loss.

The far bigger loss was Nebraska last year. That was a national brand with serious cache and the BIG12 had no replacement.

tychi_jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

Mizzou has basically assured themselves to be mediocre forever. I hope the drown as the SEC punching bag.

Sidenote: In 6 years when all this comes up again, we'll be in better position for the B1G.

tychi_jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

It's not nuts nor is it sensational. I understand your point and I think you're missing the point. If someone gets a paycheck from the gov't that does not mean they rep the gov't. Congressmen and Senators do rep the gov't...hence the name representative. And opinions are different then activily lobbying and undermining. So define government involvement as you like. I'm just saying his statement was not sensational nor inaccurate.

The larger point is to lighten up. Matt does a great job and his headline was entirely appropriate.

tychi_jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

When multiple Senators poke thier heads in and activily try to sway this situation, that is called involvement. These guys are employed by the government. Ergo, government involvement.

It's simple sematics. If you are inferring governance into the meaning of "government involvement," then you are the one sensationalizing. Not Matt.

tychi_jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

Does anyone else feel like David Boren is the one creating all this mess? Or at the very least contributing heavily? The man is constantly issuing press releases. First he is extremely vocal about courting the PAC. Then he puts the breaks on WVU when is old buddy senator Mitch comes calling. Now he openly questions the B12 board about creating a conference network?

Who's running this league? It's like game of thrones out there. Everyone is vying for control.

tychi_jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

Freestate Hillbillies... Big difference there.