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Tom Darnell

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tdriven (Tom Darnell) says...

In what world does the No. 8 team in the nation rush the floor as the favorite?
In what world does a teams player not get disciplined after punching a fan in the back of the head?

It's a world where teams desperate to win their first BIG12 conference title in 14 years run wild! Rock Chalk! Go get #14 Hawks!

On tdriven

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tdriven (Tom Darnell) says...

This is the toughest Big 12 conference anyone can remember. Had we not played Villanova and Florida in the preseason, we would most likely have two more wins and all been pretty happy with this young teams performance. We just went back to back against OSU and ISU !!!!!!!!!!!! That's ridiculous. Those are teams that are as good as any of the best teams that are in the Big Dance. As a 2 or 3 seed, we have a very good chance to surviving 2 rounds without Embiid. Round 3, just plug Embiid back in and go for it!! Rock Chalk!

tdriven (Tom Darnell) says...

The rivalry is KU vs. Marcus Smart. No one would have thought that OSU would be a bubble team at this point, but without Smart, OSU is a bottom of the pack team.

Look for a Street Brawl tonight, lead by Marcus Smart, as he tries to revive their NCAA bid.
Expect a lot of FLOPS and expect the Zebras to get involved, this is going to be the toughest game of the year.

On Kansas-OSU ‘rivalry’ to resume today

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tdriven (Tom Darnell) says...

Relax. We've won a Championship under Self, and we just went to the Championship game in 2011-12. A game ironically in which we lost to a group of NBA Freshmen. All hope is not lost.