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shimsham (Anonymous) says...

Agreed! Just wish he would put his money where his mouth his or just shut up and play and win. Also needs to stop getting injured. He seems to get these injuries at the worst possible time.

shimsham (Anonymous) says...

Pure class. One of the few coaches with multiple rings and no scandals. He did it the right way.

shimsham (Anonymous) says...

No we can't. even if we can't make threes and they do - 5 man rotation is going to tire out. Their legs will give way. Add in some foul trouble. We have this in the bag.

Any other perspective is straight up thinking like a KSUCK or FIZZOU fan.

shimsham (Anonymous) says...

This game with Villanova to me is bigger than the championship game. Bill Self needs to win this game to really cement his legacy (i know a lot of fans here already feel he has done this and are fine with the status quo). but here's my rationale:

1. Jay Wright has put the clown suit on bill self twice. If a heavily undermanned Nova team beats KU next weekend, then its safe to say Jay Wright owns self.
2. Jay Wright has 2 titles to selfs one. Nothing else matters (# of wins, big 12 streak, how many times we've sold out at AFH). This is the opportunity Self has to prove he can still coach at a high level. Add the 2nd title and Bill is in rare air. Otherwise he's going to be looked as a one bit wonder like Scott Drew.
3. Did i mention Nova is heavily undermanned. There should be no reason why we do not win beat Nova. Even if they go on a 3 pt barrage, they will tire out and 3's will not fall. This game should be in the bag. I expect Bill self to be partly spending time game planning for the finals and prepping for UNC or DUKE since those will be games we actually have to worry about.

If Bill Self's team cannot beat Nova next week - he needs to go. The opportunity to play in the championship is being offered to Self on a platter. I just don't see how he can lose this. I've never been as confident in us winning any game than this.

See ya'll in the title match.

shimsham (Anonymous) says...

Easiest of e8 games. Miami is like the rec center ball team...athletic but 0% discipline or strategy. No reason why w e don't win by 20+. Look at what Duke did to Arkansas. Self needs to own this

shimsham (Anonymous) says...

Glad we came out with a win. But am i the only one here freaking about Remy's effect on the team.

Don't get me wrong - i'm glad he's going out there and producing, but it seems like it is being done at the expense of KU's offense. When Remy is on the floor, we don't run our usual offense and this is getting OA and CB completely out of whack. Then when they do come in, they are completely out of rhythm.

My concern is if Remy comes out flat and it takes a while for our offense to get going, we will be in a pickle. Luckily - the teams we play from now on are not very good.

But again - something about Remy's role just does not seem organic to me and while its helping us win, its great but these types of things typically don't hold up especially when you need them. hope i'm wrong, but i'd much rather self kick off the game with our usual offense and bring Remy in much letter - maybe after OA and CB get going.

shimsham (Anonymous) says...

I will take the win but just surprised we couldn't put an undermanned Creighton away even with the sub par officiating.

WTF is up with OA? I thought he was the play maker but he was MIA. Credit Remy, but relying so much on Remy isn't smart. He reminds be of Manu Ginobali. Unpredictable and always brings energy, but can easily get out of control. Remember, ginobali lost big games as much as he helped win them.

shimsham (Anonymous) says...

Lol..don't even know what this question means or how to respond to it? But i'll take a stab.

If i were a coach of Bill Self's caliber and his pay at a blueblood, i can tell you i would have more than one championship.

My question to you- How many people do you NOT blindly follow Robert?

shimsham (Anonymous) says...

Couldn't have asked for an easier bracket given what all the other 1 seeds were dealt!

this is it!!! We have faced enough adversity this year. We have faced all sorts of situations (bad FT shooting, 3s not falling, OA not firing on all cylinders, etc.) and have figured out a way to squeak a win. This team is as ready as we will be.

At this point - Its Final 4 or Bust and if we don't make it, its going to be 1000% on self. He's seen enough instances of bad bball and has the bench to sub out as needed. If we don't make it to the FF4, it is going to be becuase of Self's irrational love for a player and keeping him in despite the player's performance.

shimsham (Anonymous) says...

double digit beat down! Book it