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selfishhawk (Anonymous) says...

Agreed. Someone else said, but I will say it again: Keegan and company need to at least ask Self why he thinks we are struggling lately in recruiting. Self doesn't owe me bunk, but I think the fans would lay off a bit if he gave us a reasonable explanation.

selfishhawk (Anonymous) says...

I was hoping for thoughtful responses. You ruined that. We have PLENTY of playing time available this year and next, so that's nonsense. I have no idea what Butler has to do with KU recruiting. Also, this kid will have a lot of competition at Zona. Please educate yourself.

selfishhawk (Anonymous) says...

Okay. Let's all try to come up with plausible theories as to why Self is struggling mightily in recruiting. We all know that it could be just a bit of bad luck. Here are mine, which could be a combination:

1. Conference realignment sours our KU brand. We went from one of the best brands in college basketball to being lumped in with Iowa State and Baylor during realignment, which also bred uncertainty. It may have also hurt our conference prestige.

2. Self has developed a reputation as a defense first coach, and kids just aren't buying that right now. We all know that his offense is somewhat simple and high schoolesque.

3. Self's treatment of certain players has tainted his reputation. For example, the numerous "voluntary" transfers has created a rumor mill about how Self treats his players - i.e., poorly.

4. Self is no longer willing to go the "extra mile" for players.

5. Our assistants (excluding Manning) just aren't able to get it done. He needs fresh meat.

Any other thoughts or theories?

selfishhawk (Anonymous) says...

i think we are all freaking out because (a) the Big 12 will be tougher this year with the round robin format and (b) Self didn't do much in the dance when we were "spoiled" with 10 players. Tough to imagine anything better than middle of the Big 12 and being on the bubble come March. If Robinson gets hurt, we probably have our first losing season.

selfishhawk (Anonymous) says...

Now that's a funny response! Who is responsible for recruiting? Who should I blame? That dang cookie monster is hurting our program!

selfishhawk (Anonymous) says...

We were the good guys when Roy was here. Self used all that goodwill up and then some more. I said it last year, the beginning of the end for Self has begun.

selfishhawk (Anonymous) says...

Football players rarely, if ever, go to "Prep" schools like IMG academy. They attend regular high schools in their hometown, which makes clearing them much easier and less dirty. The reason this is a problem is because those three went to "academies." If you recall, when McElmore signed his uncle mentioned that a lot of other schools stopped recruiting him because they knew he would have "academic" issues, which was code for "the NCAA may not clear him because he's been taking underwater basket weaving for the past 4 years."

selfishhawk (Anonymous) says...

Recruit in the gray long enough and the NCAA starts to pay attention to your program. You can thank HCBS.

Also, not to go into this again, but we all had opinions on this year's recruiting class. Which, regardless of your loyalty to the Head Man, was indisputably not very good. Now it looks even worse, since 3 of 4 players signed aren't eligible to play and one left the country. Bang up job Mr. Self.

selfishhawk (Anonymous) says...

Did you read the article? We are currently ranked 19th by rivals (which might be okay if we had signed a stellar class this year; we did not). Our current signed recruits are a homegrown kid Self had to get (Ellis) and a solid but not great talent out of Dallas (Peters). We hope to add to that another Footer, maybe an undersized and middle of the pack guard, and an unranked kid who is at a prep school (can you say eligibility issues?).

It is still early, so maybe it will get better. But this was a year I had hoped Self would sign a stellar class really early.

I agree with Jaybate: the conference realignment mess has to be hurting Self in recruiting.

On Jayhawks’ basketball Class of 2012 ranked 19th

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selfishhawk (Anonymous) says...

I, too, am warming to AFA. But your geography needs some work. Provo and Colorado Springs are not close together. 530 miles, actually, which is roughly the same distance between Lawrence and Colorado Springs.

Also, not sure that AFA would jump, since they don't have the typical constraints and motivation of other universities - i.e., their funding comes from the feds and I don't think any of their students pay to go to school their.