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sae36 (Anonymous) says...

Boom!! Len bringing comrade hammer.

sae36 (Anonymous) says...

Answer: DuckDuckGo as your SE

sae36 (Anonymous) says...

Dream the other night - of missing the days when Comrade would quote statistics from web searched, algorithm driven, fatalism of the virus. Awoke in joyful glee it was only a dream. Sure glad NIL and portal don’t require masking or vaxing.

sae36 (Anonymous) says...

If Big Dave decides for one more, awesome!! If he goes and makes it in the Association, bravo!! Dave wanted the ball down the stretch and scored buckets, his miss and rebound-put back is legend and then to pinning down low, finishing with a baby hook @ 22 seconds. Natty!!

(Every comment above is thoughtful and holds validity. Below, you can likely count on a geopolitical theorist spewing some form of esophogastric backwash saying otherwise.)

sae36 (Anonymous) says...

Comrade, can you activate your server trolls to infiltrate the crew team budgetary spending history for this Florida boondoggle and help out Michael? (sorry I have no earthly idea what this has do with the ability of Ochai to move without the rock)

sae36 (Anonymous) says...

Ya Vol!! (racist? or perjorative? . . . hmmm)

sae36 (Anonymous) says...

Hate this! Mostly for Ochai. Absolutely great person, warm / friendly / straightforward / competitive. I can only imagine how he must be feeling, not traveling.

Can hardly wait to read comments from Comrade RC . . .lockdowns & mandates, lions - tiggers - cyclones, oh my.

sae36 (Anonymous) says...

ML is correct.

Ring in the new year with a fictional account of COVID-19, just like those peddled the year before, claiming, 'This continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated.'

Omicron variant is hitting hardest those who live in states with high vaccination rates — and high rates of masking.

So with COVID now being disproportionately caught and according to the CDC distributed by the masked and vaccinated, what’s the justification for mask and vax mandates?

Eventually, Omicron will move to even the most rural areas, at which point the claim will be it is spreading there because people aren’t sufficiently masked or vaccinated. (right comrade?)

In other words, this isn’t about public health; it’s about institutional paternalism.

HYN, thrice vaxed, RCJ lovin’ - great Clone win - bring on Huggie!!

sae36 (Anonymous) says...

Honestly, I liked the following from Larry. Follow the approach of the Teachers Unions and our K thru 12 students, force the behaviors on the unwilling. Not sure how 'comrade RC' may feel. (?)

1) Behave!! It will prepare you for life as an adult drone staring at screens for hours: Google Experts agree, the one thing you need more of is screen time.

2) This will definitely not lead to a mental health crisis and surging suicides like it did last time: Additionally, it is sure to stop the spread of covid-19, this time.

3) We will avoid face-to-face interaction which sometimes leads to free thinking: We are well aware of the dangers caused by free thinking, aren’t we comrade Rodney?

4) You will see a slight reduction in wedgies: Incessant bullying will be limited to older brothers.

5) It will be easier for KU teachers to hide a Bloody Mary in cans of Diet Coke: And the little brats will stop asking why instructors smells like booze.

6) If you fail to comply representatives from the teachers union (Ushers in this case) will stop by with some very convincing points: A few points included lead pipes and shattered patellas.

7) Stopping the spread didn't work last time, and so why change what didn't work?: This is the official motto of Kansas Athletics & the U.S. Department of Education.

8) This will be the perfect transition to homeschooling in dorm rooms: Plus, it will usher in traditional high expense learning and family structure as women are forced to abandon the workforce.

9) Eases students and society into eventually being plugged into the Matrix: It’s inevitable, but at least the steak will taste nice and you’ll know Kung Fu.

10) Fewer referees will be boo'd and fewer Chicago kids will get shot on their way to school: Actually, this one makes sense

sae36 (Anonymous) says...

Agree ML, slogans no value at this point.

The candle that burns twice as bright burns twice as fast, but in the case of Omicron, it might be 4x brighter and faster.

As always, there are highly thoughtful individuals trying to predict what next– as Omicron fades, what will happen?

And as usual, there are very wide error bars, but it is possible to postulate a few possible scenarios:

Beginning of the end – start of endemic COVID, Omicron never leaves.

“Endemic” would look like a virus that continues to circulate and never quite fades away - in which case we would see a steady rate of Omicron as it bounces around providing little “immune boosts” for most people. Case rates remain high as long as we’re testing asymptomatic/mild people, but severity keeps declining and we’re out of this. So, smart people are hoping South Africa plateaus, also Denmark.

In the middle– Omicron fades, another variant appears

If Omicron truly disappears (not just because we aren’t testing), then immunity will likely start to fade across the population, and we may be vulnerable to a new variant, in which case we’ll have to figure out how to get ahead of it with optimal vaccines (something which has been a challenge thus far). Another reason to be watching South Africa and Denmark closely.


In theory, Omicron could fade but leave most people with “super immunity” – in which case Omicron is gone and our boosted immune systems keep us safe from complications from new variants and COVID generally goes away. Not sure how that would work for immune compromised people though – could they require chronic antibody prophylaxis? It's possible.

In between/unknown

Plenty of other scenarios could play out, including mixes of 1-3. Meaning, as with the last year of this, we just have to wait and see what happens and keep an open mind. (ie, remove narsasscitic behaviors and stop relying on search engine algorithms from Sil Valley for information and elimination of thought via canceling thoughtful discussion)