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rockchalkjd (Anonymous) says...

I'd be curious to know how this shifts and priorities adjust for the Big 12 after OuT leave. Lot of variables - new TV deal, different teams, OU/TX not taking the highest priority slots, new schools/new matchups. Will be interesting.

rockchalkjd (Anonymous) says...

Right - my point is that it would be bonkers to sit on our hands and say 'well he hasn't proven it enough yet' or 'let's wait till his stock lowers a bit' while other schools are foaming at the mouth.

The one advantage we might have here is that he's already the head coach at KU - like it's our exclusive negotiating window - so take advantage of that and set him up with a fantastic deal that at least factors into a decision to stay.

Sure - his value may be beyond what we could pay (I still somewhat doubt that given our donors and fanbase being as passionate as they are) - but that doesn't mean we shouldn't give him and his family and his assistants our absolute best shot at making this his chosen spot to be.

rockchalkjd (Anonymous) says...

I feel like half the comments on here are delusional. Sorry, but so far off here.

Buying high? This isn’t just us and Coach Leipold, this is us against every other school that wants him. And there are other schools.

So what, he hasn’t proven something to us yet? His record isn’t good enough? What?

It’s good enough to be getting serious interest from “more lucrative” jobs, therefore his value has gone way up.

Wait till the end of the season? What? Why? To wait until he gets a $5M offer from someone else??

He’s actually worth a lot to KU. Look at the delta in revenue between bad KU football and good KU football…. There’s a major financial difference between bad and good football.

Pay up for Lance, we want to keep him!!

rockchalkjd (Anonymous) says...

Way to go Jayhawks. Can't wait for this game Saturday!

rockchalkjd (Anonymous) says...

Not really - look at the content from national writers, NU top coaching targets, national commentators, and all the reporting online (not just LJW). His name is ALL over. This is not too far ahead at all; here, on this site, it feels like Matt is digging at a program who just started to feel success. But nationally? This article is very timely given what is being discussed nationally.

rockchalkjd (Anonymous) says...

Agreed, it definitely has been. I'm sure part of Leipold's decision to go would factor in Coach K.

But what if we really wanted continuity and to keep this team humming? Keep the team together and this awesome offense going?

Could a Power 5, $2M+ or $3M+ head-coaching position entice Coach K to stay? It would be worth it to us to make that happen.

No current assistant coach in the country is north of $2M (in my brief research). Venables was making more before leaving for OU.

rockchalkjd (Anonymous) says...

That'd be a good betting line. My guess is first four minutes of the game. haha!

rockchalkjd (Anonymous) says...

It's a great site for a stadium... just imagine putting Baylor, Colorado State's or San Diego State's brand-new stadium right on this site. Any of those on the KU campus would be fantastic and well-regarded nationally.

rockchalkjd (Anonymous) says...

What’s up with all the Girod frustration?

We know we need stadium work. The good news is that it’s going into the space with one of the best campus views in the country.

Additional revenue and year round use is more of a good thing too, is it not?

rockchalkjd (Anonymous) says...

Definitely do want a sellout for the Duke game, but let's hold the press on Gameday coming in town : )