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poopyku (Anonymous) says...

Get a job Vacation boy!!!

poopyku (Anonymous) says...

I am going to keep pounding this idea home until shezeng brings it up to the rest of the big xii ad's! Add Cincy, West Virginia, Louisville, South Florida, Memphis, BYU, and Boise State( if Missouri tucks tail ). East Division would be Ku, K-State, MU(or Boise), ISU, Cincy, W. Virg, Louisville, and S. Florida. West Division: ou, osu, ut, t. Tech, Baylor, TCU, BYU, and Memphis. You could also use a four division format grouping OU, OSU, Memphis, byu- ut, t. Tech, TCU, Baylor- ku, ksu, mu/ bsu, isu- Cincy, W. Virg, Louisville, S. Florida.

On KU officials celebrate big day for Big 12

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poopyku (Anonymous) says...

Now we need to add the rest of the big east ( minus UCONN & Rutgers ) , BYU, and Memphis. If MU bolts then replace with Boise State.
east: ku, k State, MU, Iowa State, Cincy, Louisville, West Virginia, and South Florida.

west: ou, ok State, Texas, Texas Tech, Baylor Memphis, TCU, and byu

voila! The first 16 team super-conference is set.Conference stability.... DONE!

This would open up Ohio, Tennesee, and Florida for recruiting and provide a little east coast exposure we've been missing out on for years.

On KU officials celebrate big day for Big 12

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poopyku (Anonymous) says...

Forgot Iowa State. They would also be in the East.

poopyku (Anonymous) says...

Here are a couple of scenarios that could be interesting. This would really help KU recruiting in Ohio and Florida for both hoops and football. There would be some awesome matchups set up here.

east division:
West Virginia
South Florida
Kansas State

west division:
Oklahoma State
Texas Tech
TCU ( or Houston )


Have a North and South Division format swapping South Florida and Memphis