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Jeff Suther

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pessimisticjayhawkfan (Jeff Suther) says...

All for not if they can’t get reliable qb play. Hoping they finally give Stanley the spot for the entire season. He has only gotten to play against big 12 competition the past two years and still proved to be a best option at qb.

pessimisticjayhawkfan (Jeff Suther) says...

This should be Stanley’s team and should have been the last 2 years. Beaty would have at least 3 more wins on his record if he would just stick with him.
In the end no qb is going to look very good until our OL gets fixed. Until then we have to play mobile qbs so I’m glad to see them going after them.

On Juco QB to enroll at Kansas this semester

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pessimisticjayhawkfan (Jeff Suther) says...

I share the disappointment with the teams lack of wins, the non-con games were especially embarrassing this year. But what I think we need to remember is Beaty inherited what was probably the worst situation you could possibly get as a coach. Is it fair for us to then only want him to recruit HS players and be winning after 3 years. What did Beaty have to sell after the mess Weis left him? But we expect him to win with the players he was able to get that would be Juniors now?

Also think to big of a deal is made of recruiting JC players, especially if they have 3 years remaining. It’s more about the person to me. If they are finding the JC guys that were overlooked or just didn’t quite have the grades but are big 12 quality talent let’s bring them in. Again, we can’t expect them to go get the high quality HS players, to much competition on the recruiting trail.

pessimisticjayhawkfan (Jeff Suther) says...

What’s the word on why Starks has not got a chance to run the offense this year?

pessimisticjayhawkfan (Jeff Suther) says...

The correct answer is to have different sets with him at both positions.

Last year, even when he was healthy, he was wasted at wide receiver in that train wreck Weis called an offense. Let's hope this year our WR can be better utilized.

On Column: Pierson should play RB, not WR

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pessimisticjayhawkfan (Jeff Suther) says...

Exciting to get more shooters on the team. I thought one of our biggest issues this past season was the lack of an outside threat.

What concerns me the most about this coming season is the absence of a rim protector on defense. When Embid went out this year it seemed our defense just fell apart. Will this finally be the year Self will implement a zone if we can't stop penetration from the guards?

pessimisticjayhawkfan (Jeff Suther) says...

If you go by espn rankings we beat ksu and isu in rankings and were 4 off of TCU, not sure how you could expect more than that with everyone of our last 5 years being an embarrassment.

Let's hope you are wrong about player development. KU will never complete in recruiting class rankings with the upper half of the big 12. I will remind you that when we were getting competitive with Mangino it was with classes just like this. Only explanation we were better is coaching. Also, Brett, Bill Snyder proves your theory wrong about player development every year. If you look at class rankings they are behind us almost every year but beat us by about 40 when it's on the field. How do you explain that?

pessimisticjayhawkfan (Jeff Suther) says...

Charlie Weis has absolutely no clue what he is doing. He has already said campo has full control of the D and that is the only unit that has shown improvement the last two years. We are in an age of college football where people are moving the ball offensively more than ever especially when it comes to passing. Charlie Weis gets paid millions of dollars to sit in an office all year and come up with a scheme to move the ball offensively and in two years he still has absolutely nothing.

Think about that.

pessimisticjayhawkfan (Jeff Suther) says...

Our offense is pathetic. I personally think a lot of it has to do with the scheme and play calling. Our team is improving but I can't say I'm not disappointed in the lack of progress Of our offense when that is supposed to be chucks strength.
Charlie it is time to spread the field out and let jake throw. We don't have the well rounded team to run this pro style offense and it's about time you got that through your think skull. If you struggle with coming up with plays for it ask the guys in the box(where you should be) to draw up the plays Texas tech runs, then do the same exact thing. It's not hard

On Kansas football aims to score more

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pessimisticjayhawkfan (Jeff Suther) says...

Although the chances of Travis catching on with an NBA team are slim to none, I do think he has what it takes to contribute to a NBA team