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newtonhawk (Anonymous) says...

This is a great coach who is fair but firm. Went to a few camps when I was in high school and he was at KU. Guy who knows what he is doing.

newtonhawk (Anonymous) says...

I personally love the 2 new uniforms. Will be tough to wear grays again because Baylor is only team that doesn't wear a white or gray at home. I bet Bill will whip up a blue or red jersey like the grays to wear on the road. The next road game is in a week and a half at TCU on the 25th..

newtonhawk (Anonymous) says...

I am a huge fan of both the cream and gray colored jerseys. Very old school look, but yet still looks great.
The only games that KU will be able to wear the gray jerseys are either at home or on the road at Baylor. They usually wear yellow at home. All of the other games the home team will wear either white or gray colored jerseys.
I think Bill will try to get another alternate jersey in there that is blue or possibly red that they can wear on the road as the next home game won't be for another week and a half on the 25th at TCU.

newtonhawk (Anonymous) says...

To correct your post, Reesing's last year was Mangino's last year. To be fair, it wasn't like he was completely innocent by telling players that he'll send them back to the hood and get shot with his homies. Or something like that, apparently. But it was obvious Perkins didn't want him as the head coach. It'll be interesting to see what offense Iowa State runs. I would expect an OU offense from when Mangino was there.

But to get back to KU news, I'm still so excited that John Reagan has come to KU. When I was in high school, I attended a few KU camps and Reagan was very heavily involved with everything. On top of that, he's just a good guy too, until he deals with things inside the lines. KU got a good one in Reagan.

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newtonhawk (Anonymous) says...

I noticed that the gameplan was focused on spreading out after a screen play that was completed to a WR about a yard inside the boundary. What a great move so far. Could really help against Iowa St, as they have a decent front 7 so spreading them out would help eliminate their strength on defense.

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newtonhawk (Anonymous) says...

So glad Heeney is back vs a run-heavy Texas team. This game should suit him and Jake Love well.

newtonhawk (Anonymous) says...

This team seems to be so deep that Self is telling his guys constantly to pressure the ball because if you get in foul trouble, someone else can jump in and bring the same pressure to the ball.
Last year, KU was not very deep and if Johnson, McLemore or Releford got in foul trouble, in came Nuh-Deer, Rio Adams or AW3. Also same case with Withey or Young, in came Jamari-Safari, Perry or Wesley.
In contrast this year's backups will be Frankamp, Mason, AW3, Greene and Wiggins can play more guard if needed with the front court backups being Jamari, Embiid and Lucas. then Wesley. Much more bodies and more talent available in the front and back court.

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newtonhawk (Anonymous) says...

With this newly formed offensive line who destroyed OU's front 7 in the first half last week and Sims waking up, adding Pierson would mean wonders for this offense. Not only do you get a guy who runs a 4.4 back, but also the best receiver on this team who can run the ball out of the backfield with ease.

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newtonhawk (Anonymous) says...

I really hope the best for Cozart, but in the 5A State Championship last year against Bishop Carroll in which they lost 60-21 Cozart had 67 rushing yards, completed 13 passes for 186 and threw 2 INT's. 50 of those 186 yards were in the 4th quarter of a 60-14 game at that time. This kid is probably the best blend of size and speed at the QB KU has had here in a long time but if he couldn't perform better against a 5A high school team, how do you expect him to jump in his freshman year of college against Big 12 competition without any games out of conference to help prepare him? Let me see him throw first before I make any further opinions on what his future could be.

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newtonhawk (Anonymous) says...

This team has some trash talkers, and some guys that play with physicality and emotion on every snap. That honestly hasn't happened since 2007 and it's great to see. Heeney reminds me so much of a Nick Reid in the way he flies to the football and how he acts like an a-hole when he gets there and makes the play.

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