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milehighhawk (Anonymous) says...

Yahoo owns Rivals

On Self: KU needs Tharpe to be irreplaceable

Posted 9 October 2013, 4:09 p.m. Suggest removal

milehighhawk (Anonymous) says...

College Hoops Hits (one word) might be an option.

Looks like no one really posts there, but each day this guy collects every story (local, regional and national) about KU hoops.

milehighhawk (Anonymous) says...

Yeah, but "inside sources" tend to vanish if you need to provide your name.

milehighhawk (Anonymous) says...

Let's be clear -- this has nothing to do with civility. Nothing.

It's all about being able to sell targeted advertising. Why else would they require Facebook (not just verifiable ID, but Facebook)? It's so they can tell their advertisers "this is our exact demographic" and hopefully generate more revenue.

The World Company is being naive if they expect only a blip in traffic. This is the death knell of the comments section.

milehighhawk (Anonymous) says...

Thanks, Jesse.

But some employers block Facebook (which is a different discussion), and those folks won't be able to post here for most of the day.

And employers may not glean any new information from the Facebook feed, but now they know their employees' thoughts if they come here. It's less of an issue for a sports page (aside from the productivity aspect), but it will certainly chill political speech on

I'd gladly pay a few bucks a month to enjoy the reporting here -- would be great if that was offered as an alternative to logging in through Facebook.

milehighhawk (Anonymous) says...

The government may not come after you, but don't you think some employers might have an issue if they notice employees posting during the workday?

It's a little more involved than you (and the LJW, obviously) think.

milehighhawk (Anonymous) says...

I found an inspirational YouTube video that explains the decision-making process that went into this:

milehighhawk (Anonymous) says...

Bye bye discussions & bye bye ad revenue!

Whoever took the reins of the online strategy over the last several months needs to seriously rethink things. First surveys, now the end of anonymity.

I thought "Suggest Removal" pretty much took care of incivility.

Part of the fun of enjoying sports is that they offer a diversion from the daily grind. I may not be a heavy poster here, but I'm honestly not sure I'll be posting in the future if it's linked to my Facebook account. It's sad that Facebook and Google are beginning to sap the fun out of the internet.

Unlike the previous decision to include Google Surveys, there's no coming back from this decision.

Take a quick glance at how dormant the KC Star comments sections have become since they instituted the policy.

Good night and good luck.

milehighhawk (Anonymous) says...

Bye bye active discussions & ad revenue!

milehighhawk (Anonymous) says...

Sad day.

There will be a lot less discussions.

And a lot less ad revenue.