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Steve Brown

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lighthawk (Steve Brown) says...

Naming Adidas rep a 'hypothetical' booster will cost us dearly.
Don't punish the student, punish KU, bar us from post season and the 14/15th title if you must, yet let the kid play.,
when a recruit's family takes money or a car from an agent or shoe company and then lies to us about it, that is a horse of different color.
This case seems different, wonder what statement it would make to forfeit the season and play him. call it crazy.
KU stands for the kids and fairness.

lighthawk (Steve Brown) says...


Thanks for being a full time gentlemen. In Dallas when Danny was a freshman or maybe a sophomore, we were at the hotel Adolphus for the final four I asked you if you were supporting the ACC tomorrow or your alma mater and Larry Brown. I said I understood if you had to root for Duke.
You smiled and said, kansas! Always Kansas.

I loved your confident smile. Thanks for being you, rest well dear man.

On Notebook: Services for Dean Smith scheduled

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lighthawk (Steve Brown) says...

Recently in Del Mar for a wedding, loverly!

Wiggs is so cool, my new name for him: Clark Kent, superman on the inside and regular joe on the outside.

lighthawk (Steve Brown) says...

the local 810 radio must be shocked at this latest news.
Joel Embiid’s dad, Thomas, says he believes his injured son will play in the 2014 NCAA tournament.
They guaranteed us the family was upset with Self and promised JoJo was done this year. What a surprise he is still on the team and sitting next to coaches, I thought they said there was a major rift between the camps.
They went on to say our poor treatment of JoJo would hurt our recruiting, who in the world would send their son to Self after he cares more about winning than the kids health and future.
What a loser, all to act stupid for ratings.
He made a big deal that the doctor in California would have a different story, given he 'wasn't' on Kansas payroll.
My view is that BS didn't want to share the stress fracture news to keep opponents from pounding JoJo on his hips. Saying you can't hurt it more, means quit beating him up. The last few games opponents have been hitting JE hips with their fist, watch the tapes.
When A caller said BS had the #1 recruit 2 years in a row, KK said, "next" then a caller said he lost all respect for BS and then KK said, "tell me more"

lighthawk (Steve Brown) says...

Hint: Put JoJo in street clothes so we aren't tempted to insert him.

lighthawk (Steve Brown) says...

Seeding not so important to me just make sure we are in the Shocker bracket, want a shot at them before others knock them out.
Don't miss read this sentiment it isn't that I think they are over hyped, on contrary I love their style of hustle play and think they are terrific. Yes they are terrific, deserve top seed, and very good for our state Kansas.
They may need a dose of reality to big boy ball, rather we deliver the blow than others.

lighthawk (Steve Brown) says...

810 Sports Bar & Grille, won't eat there even if free ... K-State homers!

lighthawk (Steve Brown) says...

armchair medical advice, get the electronic stimulation tens unit that runs on battery and stimulates the muscles and then also the table that you strap in and it separates the mid section from the hips and puts the back into alignment. You come out better than new.

On Joel Embiid to miss next two KU games

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lighthawk (Steve Brown) says...

In '88 we lost bad game to KState in Allen, we looked DOA. Came back and had a nice run. Caught some breaks no doubt, hey Larry has SMU rolling. Nice!

Seems to me we lost to State in '08. Maybe a good omen.

Can we close out this league championship with so many guys banged up, guys have to play the game the right way! Like your hair is on fire and they have come to rape and pillage your homes. Intensity.

If we make it out of the first weekend, a question for sure, I pray we ram up against wichita state shockers in the elite eight. Talk about a money game!

On Doomed: Jayhawks lose at K-State in OT

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lighthawk (Steve Brown) says...

Mr. Flop is having a bad day.

On Marcus Smart needs professional help

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