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khuff80 (Anonymous) says...

Hurt's recruitment reminds me of any other recruit we were high on only to have Duke steal them away. Look for the same to happen here.

khuff80 (Anonymous) says...

He's been quiet?!?!?!

Um, he was HUGE in getting us Cliff Alexander AND he was heavily involved in a failed attempt to get Charles Matthews, is the lead recruiter for Jalen Brunson among others.

Jerrence definitely helps in Chicago - that's for sure!

If we get in on Diamond Stone big, I have a feeling that Jerrence will be involved - I think he was also involved in the home visit to Malik Newman's.

khuff80 (Anonymous) says...

We've won lots of gms. while yet still having LOTS of TO's. No. The REAL difference in the gm. was Mc. Smart & Mk. Brown w/ 24 FTA's vs. Wiggins & Embiid with freaking TEN?!?!?!

khuff80 (Anonymous) says...

Consider me bitter & unclassy & delusional if you must, BUT to me in the 2nd hlf. Sat. Night that was the worst most blatantly seemingly biased Officiating I've seen in a college game since UCLA at KU (1st hlf. back in '96)....going on nearly 20 years!!!!

On Column: Desperate Cowboys steadier than KU

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khuff80 (Anonymous) says...

I forgot. I DO believe that if White were to transfer we might yet still get J. Lyle.

khuff80 (Anonymous) says...

That brings up a good point. Who are the ONLY players to not have missed time EITHER due to inj., discipline, or some NCAA ruling (i.e., Tharpe's summer gm)?

Among the usual 5 starters I THINK none of Ellis, Wiggins or Selden's had to sit.

Among the reserves i think only Mason & Lucas have gone unscathed. Am I right?

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khuff80 (Anonymous) says...

I doubt that very much.

You saw Jamari responded.

supposedly, he (Brannen) was a smart kid coming out of high school.

hopefully, this was the wake-up call and he'll respond much like Jamari did.

Don't EVER forget - MOST of KU's players have had some suspended time.

I want to say that I remember Traylor, Ty. Taylor, Elijah, Tho. Robinson (I think 1 gm.) among many others being given a game in which they were benched.

More serious when you hear of a coach suspending a player for a week / multiple weeks or multiple games.

Greene's been given enough key minutes and high caliber, clutch times - such as the end of the KSU game where he pretty much helped gear the comeback to force overtime just 2 games ago, that theres' NO WAY I could imagine him transferring.

Pretty much I'm one who thinks Embiid is back and Selden stays (his Draft stock has plummeted and the draft the next season is shallower anyway). I'm thinking this is how the lineup shakes out for next season:

Tharpe / Mason
Selden / Frankamp
Oubre / Greene (competition before the season as to who starts but I bet both get plenty of mins. anway - neither should dominate the mins. at the "3" next season like Wiggins does nown)
Ellis / Alexander / Traylor
Embiid / Lucas / Mickelson

I don't see Self JUST playing 7 or 8 like he di back with the '11/'12 team. I could see Mickelson moreso getting spot mins., but then being more key in '15/'16 than next season.

The ones we SHOULD be losing off that team then would be Tharpe, Selden, Alexander & Embiid for sure - possibly Oubre & Ellis (still could see him as a 4-years guy though)...and something tells me that if Selden couldn't really hack it as an OAD, that we'll probably see Oubre as a 2AD like Selden probably will be. Both ranked in simlar places in their respective H.S. Rankings coming out (early teens & 5 stars). And Oubre's already made it be known that while he COULD be OAD, he's not approaching it as though he couldn't possibly be at KU longer.

I have no idea why, but I've had this funny feeling that Brannen Greene's Jr. year's going to be an amazing one. Yes, let's let it play out - just a feeling I have.

On Notebook: White gives it his all in rare minutes

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khuff80 (Anonymous) says...

I've always LIKED White. BUT his 3 pt. stroke that he was supposed to be known for has NEVER really looked right here.

Throw on top of that, that for a "3" man he moves defensively like he's guarding a "4".

The best time he EVER had were the mins. where he had to spell Releford & Young at PF in our loss to OSU at home last year. Surprisingly he did a pretty good job rebounding and he CAN guard College 4-man.

Unfortunately, he can't really guard the 3-men and NO WAY can he guard a 2.

Greene's probably a 3AD talent. He's got the quickness and ball-handling over White AND is probably tied w/ Conner for prettiest & most accurate 3-pt. shot.

I just see White transferring to somewhere closer to home like Richmond (he's actually from Richmond), VCU, Temple, etc. where they might let him play as an undersized stretch "4".

On Notebook: White gives it his all in rare minutes

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khuff80 (Anonymous) says...

I thini we've done VERY poorly wearing red in the past.

khuff80 (Anonymous) says...

I just don't like the offensive fouls HE gets away with...yet HE flops at the other end.