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jross1972 (Joe Ross) says...

We don’t win the national championship without Remy Martin.


jross1972 (Joe Ross) says...

Just because he's the head coach and just because that coach's name happens to be Bill Self doesn't mean he's infallible.

The fact that the all-time wins record is touted on Kentucky websites, for example, means it's important to people. Why should that be the case when it does nothing magical for you going forward? Because it speaks to the *consistency of greatness* of a program.

And THAT, my friends, is the secret sauce that makes it important to a fan base.

jross1972 (Joe Ross) says...

The rise of Remy Martin in recent days has been impressive and even necessary for this Kansas basketball team who has needed a catalyst to spark its great potential. You see the impact of his presence as soon as he enters the game. Martin, who until recent days has warranted every bit of doubt of criticism of Kansas fans, has become the antidote for the kind of tightness teams can play with this time a year. I spent some time thinking about whether I knew of any Jayhawk ever playing more loosely in March, and I can't think of one. The beginning of the season has begun four months late for Remy and he's coming out fresh. Guns blazing. Absent conscience. Full of confidence.

"He doesn't need to score much to be big in the game". I hate and disagree with this statement whole-heartedly. It's a lie, and every time I hear it it's like nails on a chalkboard. You need to be solid at all five positions with the ability to score the basketball. Otherwise teams can isolate the player who can't score and provide help defense everywhere else. McDermott understands this, which showed in his game plan defensively. Unfortunately for him--especially if he was counting on Remy not having a repeat performance of a good game offensively--the guard provided critical points for Kansas. Look. The take-home message is that you should NEVER buy the lie that scoring out of any position isn't important. If there are ever instances where this is true, the number of those cases are FAR less common than the number of times the statement is actually made. Besides, when you conceive of yourself as being a facilitator only, then when your "scorer" is double teamed or has a bad game, it's hard to switch your mindset and become the scorer yourself. The fact that Remy has accomplished this stands out for its rarity.

jross1972 (Joe Ross) says...

"Another good game from Remy"?

I stopped reading the comment at that point.

He had a good one yesterday, though...

jross1972 (Joe Ross) says...


This article should have begun with some discussion of what NFTs actually are and what the acronym means!

jross1972 (Joe Ross) says...

I understand why someone may say that all-times wins are not important for them...*personally*. But you have to be a tool to say that all-time stats don't matter. Let's burn the record books then!

All time NCAA championships? Stricken.

All time NCAA wins? Let's get rid of that too.

All time NCAA points scorers? We don't care anymore.

Hell, why not scrap the all-time points scorers at kansas? i mean if the fact that it doesn't really matter or affect how the game is played today is the standard, then nothing matters.

I don't normally call people out for dumb posts anymore, but you guys saying that the all-time winningest program in college basketball is not a bragging right to be brandished are fools, plain and simple.

Rant over.

jross1972 (Joe Ross) says...

It interests me how we argue over words in sports debates, as if we're trying to decide policy or something. But I guess if we didn't people like Max Kellerman, Stephen A. Smith, and Skip Bayless wouldn't have jobs. So enough lamenting it, and perhaps I'll throw my own $0.02 in.

I understand what Matt is saying in a sense. About things lining up lately. I'm more prone to agree than disagree that with the near misses and the like, it is a more positive than negative sign. It's not as if we're dropping a lot of games or something, and there has been improvement in McCormack and Wilson. All good stuff which could easily be looked over by us spoiled Kansas fans.


i would not call this a surge if we're going to make an issue of the word. To qualify for that I need to see more consistency out of the two players mentioned, Remy settling into a role more comfortably, and more than anything, Kansas being able to dictate the terms of the game as we did a lot in '08. We're not there.

I would use "trending up" rather than "surging", but let's not overlook Matt's points. It's college basketball and you have to factor in that there are going to be close games and the like. It comes with the territory.

jross1972 (Joe Ross) says...

Concede the point. The principle does not change, however.

jross1972 (Joe Ross) says...

Oh. And as of this moment right now, Kansas is 2 games behind Kentucky for the lead in all time program wins. And ONE of those games is against Kentucky. Just not a favorable schedule at the moment.

If Kansas gets out of this stretch unscathed, they have a real shot of being the No. 1 overall seed in the tournament.

jross1972 (Joe Ross) says...

Top five is a feather in the cap, for sure.

But this five game stretch that the Jayhawks are about to play beginning tonight??? It might be the toughest I've ever seen. It's a gauntlet.

13 Texas Tech

12 Kentucky

23 Iowa State

4 Baylor

Texas (top 25, last week)

Hope we have some ammunition left...