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jhwkswn (Anonymous) says...

Been an amazing thing to watch this site/community be decimated over the past year or so. I've been in IT for a long time, and I don't get it. It's as if there is someone behind the scenes eager for this site to die. Well... well played, sir or madame (is that PC enough or should I have started with the GBTblahblahblah acronym).

I would say that this decision doesn't really affect me being that historically I've been mostly a 'message board poster' rather than an 'article commenter' but, oh wait, they destroyed the message boards too with the non-tested updates and ridiculous polls.

No facebook account here either and never will there be.

Whoever's the last one out... can you turn out the lights?

Rock chalk, my Jayhawk brothers (and sisters)!!

jhwkswn (Anonymous) says...

"No coach that comes to KU will stay longer then 3-4 years even with a successful year"

This is why Mangino was a perfect fit at KU. He wasn't going anywhere... for a couple reasons.

jhwkswn (Anonymous) says...

Awesome. Definitely excited after seeing that. Seems like a great kid. haha... this made me laugh.

"It's weird when I look at my foot. I don't realize how big it is till I look at my shoe."

On Recruit Landen Lucas picks Kansas

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jhwkswn (Anonymous) says...

You are either kidding, or you are 14. Which one is it?

jhwkswn (Anonymous) says...

7 Big 12 Titles in a row, a NC and some of you have the gall the question Self? Pull your head out, please. If 5 years from now, KU has fallen off the radar, then you might have an argument. But we all know that's not gonna happen, don't we?

jhwkswn (Anonymous) says...

man, hope it still happens for Louisville, really want both. Damnit Texas, we don't want to stay at 10!

jhwkswn (Anonymous) says...

One would think that, over time, there would be less and less mizoo fans in the area, too, just from the simple fact of kids growing up being exposed to more KU coverage vs mu coverage. Of course, there will always be some mizoo fans around to stink up the place, but KU will own the KC market even more than it does now. Fine with me!! If they make this move, I really think mizoo will regret it somewhere down the line. Again, fine with me. Just another reason to point and laugh at the hillbillies. Don't let the door hit you, dumbnutz.

jhwkswn (Anonymous) says...

I like what I've seen from Zenger so far. I think he's going to do great. What possible reason could you have for saying anything negative about the guy (yet)?? You might be able to make a better argument about Gill, but not Zenger.

On KU officials laud TV deal

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