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Jeff Coffman

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jhawkrulz (Jeff Coffman) says...

With Bean running the offense you would also have one additional person that by most accounts is the fastest person on the team.

Legs were able to help the offensive line develop and something tells me that we will be using both of our QBs significantly this year.

jhawkrulz (Jeff Coffman) says...

I hope our line is significantly improved. Bean gave us more with his speed, but if the line holds for quick releases from Daniels that will be good.

I might not be the one sold on Daniels, but the good news is we have two QBs that have gained Big 12 experience and will be ready to compete if called upon.

jhawkrulz (Jeff Coffman) says...

22 transferred out and 19 transferred in...deficit of 3, to me that doesn't sound good at first site. However, none of the 22 were in the Starting or Primary Backup role. It sounds like many of the 19 are. In addition, we added freshman to start building the program forward. We added strength or leadership from other prolific schools like Ohio State and Minnesota. I'm very hopeful of this year. Another Texas win gets Sark fired (that would be beautiful). 6 wins could get enough excitement that could make us a little more viable to expanding football conferences. But let's just hope we can hold our own in the non-conference and sneak out a couple victories in conference.

The best note out there, is we haven't had coaching turmoil this year at the coach or the assistant level. Consistency can help a lot in that realm and I hope with a full year, Leipold enhances the program a lot. I think Daniels showed some potential, but he also showed he was a freshman. I think I'm one of the few that would like to see Bean play the year, but again I hope that I am wrong and Daniels lights it up.

jhawkrulz (Jeff Coffman) says...

Golf seems like consistency is the best repetition. New coach, new teammates, new courses...I'm sure some people will strive and succeed to do better and I do hope he does.

I still don't like the intra-conference transfers without a year wait.

jhawkrulz (Jeff Coffman) says...

I still don't understand the concept of "super-conferences". I thought most of these conferences thought 14 or more teams were getting worthless because they never played each other. Now we are up to 16.

I'll tell you, I like the 10 team conferences, but I didn't mind the 12. When it comes to the Big12, I think it is looking more and more like it survives and actually will be stronger than people surmise.

Wait until Texas gets mad that it is getting the same $100mm that Vandy is getting or that is gets stuck playing vandy every year.

jhawkrulz (Jeff Coffman) says...

I thought Bean was better last year, but that is just random. There were points in the final couple games that I thought people owned Daniel's and putting in Bean would have made things more interesting.

I hope I am wrong, but I dont think Daniels is an allstar, I'll give him TX, but once a scouting report was out on him, he was not as successful.

The good news is our line will improve so both QBs should inherently be better.

jhawkrulz (Jeff Coffman) says...

I've always said that you want big schools and you don't need two schools from the same state. OU and OSU will be more valuable in different states. The three states that you can handle more than 1 are Florida, Texas, and California, because of size and amount of people living in those states. BYU and Utah overlap, they differ, so I could see the addition, but I'm not a fan. Colorado sold out, I'd take them, but not sure we should. I l still like Oregon, Cal, Stanford, Arizona.

Oregon with Nike U is a good addition, Cal is a name brand in California and would be solid. Stanford has the academics and name. Arizona brings in a good state. I would avoid Washington State and Oregon State.

If we could kick out KState and or one of the Texas Schools for Washington, I would.

However, until the SEC and Big10 start kicking out schools this isn't truly over. The key has always been to get the conferences down to 4 Power (5) schools (I feel like I'm typing conference numbers).

Right now SEC and Big Ten are solid and with the ACC being locked up to 2036, the two for the fighting are B12 and PAC. Only one survives.

The latest in the discussion is whether or not Notre Dame will stay independent or not. If they do, it sounds like they need the Big 12 for some partnership, which could keep B12 in the P4, which is the key.

jhawkrulz (Jeff Coffman) says...

KU is the premier university for Adidas, I'm guessing they are making some phone calls to help us.

jhawkrulz (Jeff Coffman) says...

Dirk...I agree...I also think Miles was the first coach that wasn't doing a knee-jerk to transfers, that he was getting high school players for development; hence why we were "young" in Leipold's first year. We did see some coaching last year. We should be able to clear all of those blue and gray and whatever other shirt colors they track.

My point was that if we are sitting at 58 or 62 scholarshipped players after this free period for 2 years, we have missed a huge opportunity. And we should be balancing our plan for 25 a year

jhawkrulz (Jeff Coffman) says...

If we don't have 85 scholarshipped players, there is an issue. We should have been loading up because of these 2 free years. We dug into this hole for 12 years. Miles was digging out of the recruitment issue. Leipold was given a dream of no caps, yes that means he could lose his top players or they may opt out, but that was happening anyways. Ultimately, we get a chance to reset and we better.