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gardenjay (Anonymous) says...

Maybe they should try another song genre. It's all Bruce and Bon, why not Barry (Manilow), that is, play better or we play Barry for your efforts.

I like some of his music, but it's not very aggressive, with the exception of Copacabana. Yay.

gardenjay (Anonymous) says...

What is the Jayhawk Formation? Does it look like one from the stands?

On JaCorey Shepherd ascends at corner for KU

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gardenjay (Anonymous) says...

As a true blue KU football fan, I have to believe. It's a difficult sport, but I'm thinking KU by 3 points against NIU. Also, I am very upbeat about the season ahead, you can't just change a program overnight. Mangino sure didn't. How did he get his players, anyway? That was a separate topic.

On Upset NIU? You bet

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gardenjay (Anonymous) says...

I noticed Demps was on the Olympic 4x4 relay team, a running back from UF, and I recall other football stars that truly enjoyed the sport. Just because it is non-contact doesn't mean it's something people don't care about. Obviously there is still a track around the stadium, and it ain't movin' until there's a replacement track somewhere else. Why? Because people care about track. go track!!!

gardenjay (Anonymous) says...

IN order for the track to go from the stadium, there needs to be a new track elsewhere. Kansas used to be a track powerhouse, and let's face it, that can only help our football team - often football players and track mix pretty well.

There was a time, long ago, when a javelin was thrown at halftime at KU football games, and the crowd loved it. I say embrace track and field, mix it with football where possible, it would be better for all. Move the track when you invest in a new one!

gardenjay (Anonymous) says...

Clint Bowen must have yelled "Good Going, Ford! Go, Go, GO! #$&(@#*$&(@#$&(#$!!!!"

No, maybe just "($&@#(@)*&^$)#@$, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Good job Ford.

On Kansas WR Josh Ford has knack for blocks

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gardenjay (Anonymous) says...

Why is it misquoting someone to put proper english in print? That is a common practice, you know. If one followed your thinking it would all look like Huck Finn with the wanna's instead of want to's, and in your case 'were' instead of 'we are' probably. I don't feel strongly about this anyways

gardenjay (Anonymous) says...

Could LJW maybe have Charlie say 'going to' instead of 'gonna'? I say 'gonna' all the time, but this isn't Huck Finn - why not just use proper print english?

gardenjay (Anonymous) says...

This seems like a good idea from the equality standpoint.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but right now male=football gets used to make female=crew, female=swimming, female=tennis....NOT a good system.

gardenjay (Anonymous) says...

Wow - we didn't get this before that I recall. I think establishing a connection to the students on the football team is a rad idea, Weis is looking smart.