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esorrentino (Eric Sorrentino) says...

Mavs need a back-up to Tyson Chandler badly!

On Report: Rockets waive Tarik Black

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esorrentino (Eric Sorrentino) says...

Really cool stuff, guys, I'm really liking these videos!

Signed, an old friend!

On KU Sports Extra — Season 1, Episode 10

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esorrentino (Eric Sorrentino) says...

Cool article, Tait! You must have loved this news. I immediately thought of your reaction.

Completely agree with Mr. Kelly above^^. The fact that Talib says North Dallas High School is an abomination and injustice to the football program that put him on the map and gave him a chance when UT and OU said no thanks. Denver's going to have a slew of primetime games next year. It sure wouldn't hurt recruiting to hear
'Kansas' back-to-back on Harris and Talib. Forget the fact that Talib actually attended Berkner High in Richardson, TX, not North Dallas High or whatever the hell he says. This drives me crazy.

esorrentino (Eric Sorrentino) says...

Great column, Tom. Love the Zeppelin reference, too! I know it's not Neil Young, but still, pretty neat.

esorrentino (Eric Sorrentino) says...

Awesome post, Nick. Loved looking back at these great (and dare I say poignant) images. Keep up the great work.


On Nick Krug's Top KU Sports Photos of 2013

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esorrentino (Eric Sorrentino) says...

Nice list, guys. And I am a loyal follower of Gary Bedore's Twitter account. Great mention!

esorrentino (Eric Sorrentino) says...

Going to be an interesting race in these ratings between Withey and McLemore all year.

Jesse, I love the question of best performance in recent fieldhouse memory. McLemore and Collison have to be up there as probably the top two. Are we strictly talking about KU performances? I don't think I've ever seen anything like Kevin Durant at AFH in 2007 (at least for one half). KU fans even applauded when he returned to the court from injury after the first half. That game was so memorable when KU came back and won.

Being there last night to witness Ben's performance in person was pretty special. Not a top 10 Rivals guy like Henry or Selby, but I'm convinced Ben is already better than both of those two dudes in the NBA right now. Haha.

esorrentino (Eric Sorrentino) says...

Great analysis, Jesse. I will be there tonight! Hoping to get there a little early, so I'll give you and GB a shout. Gonna be nice to come back to AFH!

esorrentino (Eric Sorrentino) says...

Outstanding stuff, Nick. My favorite photo from your compilation was the Self shot after KU beat Mizzou for the last time at Allen. Self seemed more animated than ever after the victory, and your photo did an awesome job of capturing that emotion. Really liked this!

On 2012 Photos of the Year - Nick Krug

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esorrentino (Eric Sorrentino) says...

Agree with most predictions here. Jesse, interesting pick with Texas Tech over West Va. Over/under on that game should be at least 100!

I got Buck Showalter to sign my spring training program in 2006 in Arizona when he managed the Rangers. Of course, Buck had to knock his old squad out of the (one-game) playoffs this year. Definitely rooting for them to take down the Evil Empire tonight, though. Go O's.