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doubleJ25 (Anonymous) says...

I don't dislike Cozart. I'm always happy anyone thought enough of KU to play there. That said, the experiment has gone on long enough. If we are holding the other QB's back for Cozart, that isn't good coaching because he just isn't good enough to win consistently at this level. If our other QB's literally are not good enough to unseat him, then we are in bigger trouble than we can even imagine.

doubleJ25 (Anonymous) says...

Hard to choose. For my own history, I'd actually pick the game vs Vince Young's Texas that we were screwed out of winning by the referees. That would have been a huge program boost to beat Texas on national TV.

For basketball, it has to be either 2003 or 2012. If forced to choose, I'd say 2003. If we just made some free throws, we win. 2012 takes more to reverse since UK was so good.

From a historical point, I'd change the title game Wilt lost to North Carolina. It''d be great to have that little cherry on top of his already great career to have won a championship at KU.

doubleJ25 (Anonymous) says...

I love them! They probably won't, but they should keep these for the regular season as well. Maybe then we can ditch those silly gray ones.

doubleJ25 (Anonymous) says... Stay in school longer. He might be the next Wiggins but I think the majority of KU players would have benefited from staying longer than they did.

doubleJ25 (Anonymous) says...

I know, when I was in school, the players often showed up at Robinson's gym to play pick up games. Once you're enrolled, I think they can do whatever they want together as long as the coaching staff (outside of the strength staff) aren't involved. KU is going to be playing in the World University games too. I hope Bragg will be on that squad.

doubleJ25 (Anonymous) says...

I can't say I oppose this idea outright, because I do think something needs to change. People may say the basketball is better now than it has ever been, but I miss the days of getting to know players and hating/loving them. You always have rivals schools or programs/coaches you like/dislike, but what about the days when a guy was at a school for 3-4 years? You really got to know them and if they played against you, it made the rivalry that much better.

There will never be a perfect system. Even the one Tom is proposing is full of holes. You would have to come up with pretty specific language to prevent kids, who think their coach is being too tough on them, from declaring for the draft simply to be able to leave. Players moving from school to school isn't much better than moving to the NBA. If nothing else, the NBA and NCAA need to move forward with the proposal I read about a few weeks ago. Basically, the college player would have a bit longer to decide if they were officially declaring and the NBA would reorganize their draft camp in a way that basically said if you didn't get an invite, you're likely not going to be drafted. Kids with invites would get a much clearer idea of their draft stock from people who will actually draft them (instead of agents filling their heads with high hopes) and guys who were borderline would return to school.

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doubleJ25 (Anonymous) says...

I think Perry is a great player. When he's on he gives you 20 points plus. The trouble with him is mentally. He doesn't have the kind of mentality that lends itself to being "The Guy." You could see it yesterday. He was trying way too hard to take the team under his wing and it's just too much for him. He's a cog player. He can be a huge part of a team, but it's just never going to be his team. I keep arguing that KU hasn't had a true consistent leader - one who says this is my game and I'm not going to let us lose - since Sherron Collins. We've had plenty of talents after him, plenty of better players. But he had that bulldog mentality that KU has been lacking ever since.

doubleJ25 (Anonymous) says...

Adidas needs to stick to soccer jerseys. That's what they're good at. Anything basketball related where they've tried to be cute, just ends up wrong. On the same token, Nike has been ruining soccer jerseys the last few years. Maybe the basketball employees at Adidas moonlight in the soccer division for Nike and vice versa lol.

doubleJ25 (Anonymous) says...

Maybe the guy can make a decent head coach. He certainly believes in the program enough. But quite frankly, with a couple exceptions, his times as coordinator has been a disaster. I think it's a mistake to just hand it to him.

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doubleJ25 (Anonymous) says...

I don't have a good feeling of how I think of this move yet. I liked Weis as a person and think he did the right thing in getting rid of all the kids who weren't going to class etc. He just wasn't getting it done on offense (his specialty) and couldn't recruit a quarterback.

That said, I'm sick of the anti-basketball sentiment from football fans. Why do we need to choose? I love both. I hate the fans who say "when's basketball season?" Makes me resentful of basketball at times. But to say that we favor basketball to the detriment of football is just stupid. What program, outside of Florida for a few years, has top notch programs in both? Not very many. Kids go to places they think they can win. Plain and simple. It has nothing to do with this dumb notion that the athletic department isn't doing enough for football. What are they not doing? I rarely see examples. Nobody is hiring coaches for the hell of it. When they hire them, they thought for whatever reason they would be successful. Quit reaching for reasons to complain that have little to no basis.