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cojayhawk99 (Anonymous) says...

Who cares if Evan Manning isn't as good as other walk-ons? It is completely up to Bill Self. He doesn't have to have a single walk-on if he doesn't want to. He certainly doesn't have to have open tryouts. It's his team and he can take whoever he wants for whatever reason he wants. He doesn't owe walk-on hopefuls anything.

On Evan Manning likely KU bound

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cojayhawk99 (Anonymous) says...

I agree, I think Simien could be a terrific big coach. Vaughn could be a great guard coach. Not that they have to go with former KU players but it would be fun to see them on the sideline.

On Danny Manning hired as Tulsa's head coach

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cojayhawk99 (Anonymous) says...

One thing about the MU t-shirts about their victory in Columbia that I found funny, and someone may need to confirm this since I haven't seen it mentioned, is on the t-shirt it says "Not in our house" when I think KU has an all-time winning record in Columbia? KU has something like 65 wins and 58 losses in Columbia.

cojayhawk99 (Anonymous) says...

I'm not sure what the big deal is with KU_Alumn's prediction, doesn't sound too far off regardless of who is playing/coaching. KU was absolutely terrible last couple of years. It takes a while for a new coach to come in and win. 4 wins seem like a step in the right direction. Especially if there can be a conference win in there, I am not expecting a bowl season.

I'm sure there'll be some surprises. Heck, if KU actually competes in conference that's a good first step. I'm going with 4 wins and a couple of close losses that if gone the other way could have made them bowl eligible.

On Big 12 releases KU football schedule

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cojayhawk99 (Anonymous) says...

The rivalry is done thanks to MU. I would not care about a KU-MU game that is non conference. It will mean absolutely nothing. Good for MU for switching conferences; for KU, the only two conferences that make any sense for them is Big 12 or Big 10. As long as other major conferences survive so will the Big 12. MU can go on the SEC and win or lose, I don't care. See ya. The rivalry only exists because of the conference.

For football, it isn't like MU is a Florida or Notre Dame that brings instant cred with it; most years the nation would not care so win or lose it wouldn't matter. Might as well schedule either an easy non-con game or a game that would get national exposure. MU barely made a bowl this year, they've had a good run the past decade but nationally, nobody cares.

If KU plays MU in basketball, they should only do it if they only play in AFH otherwise they lose money. No neutral site, no playing in Columbia. MU is simply not a good enough program to make it worthwhile for basketball money-wise.

Honestly, this was/is a terrible rivalry. KU-KSU or KU-Texas could both be more meaningful rivalries than this turd.

cojayhawk99 (Anonymous) says...

Does anyone still listen to the radio for music? I thought that's what Ipods were for.

cojayhawk99 (Anonymous) says...

agree! No arguing how great Chamberlain is/was, but I think blackhawkjayhawk's points are good.

On Thomas Robinson dominates atypically

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cojayhawk99 (Anonymous) says...

I guess I haven't been paying attention but I didn't realize Georgetown is ranked so high now. That win sure looks good!

On KU moves up to No. 10 in both polls

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cojayhawk99 (Anonymous) says...

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On Former KU coach Turner Gill hired at Liberty University

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cojayhawk99 (Anonymous) says...

I can see never playing MU outside of Lawrence again. Basketball, as Bill Self said, isn't hurting to schedule opponents at AFH but football could use the publicity and rivalry to keep fans in the seat. It shouldn't be in KC but in Lawrence so the local businesses can reap the rewards as well. Waiting a few years for the silly hatred to calm down and then starting up a yearly series in football may be a benefit.