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caster (Glen Grunz) says...

Hey did I miss something. I thought Kansas was the team that shot 74% in the second half and 47% for the game. Gee and here I read that Baylor dominated the stat tables. Well rebounding they sure dd there. But then again they had plenty of opportunities at offensive boards considering there "dominating" 33% shooting. Oh was that assist number a misprint and the turnovers were they not a wash. The free throws need work but 6 is not a reasonable sample. Of course we were terrified by there length so much so we dominated scoring in the paint. Here is to being terrified if that is the result. Traylor his game is plagued with question marks. So much so coach Self completely believes he is our most consistent player. Must be lower case question marks. OK, this team is young and and growing. There are areas to criticize but the bottom line is simply they are light years ahead of where they were just 3 weeks ago.

On The Day After: A barn-burner at Baylor

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caster (Glen Grunz) says...

No one to my knowledge has brought up the question of what this hire means for our AD. Check the record and see how many AD's at a major power conference school have survived two bad football coach hires. At the moment I can think of none. Would another bad football hire be the end of our AD? No one can say that. But rest assured that Sheahon Zenger is well aware of the potential consequences of his impending football coaching hire. How will this impact his choice, good question. What do all of you out there think? Will he be less willing to take a risk, even if it could possibly be a home run? But his security will impact this choice. That is certain.

caster (Glen Grunz) says... the risk of being rude I ask everyone who thinks our OL is a mess to please button it. No they are not a good OL but they are not terrible. Our running game attests to that. I challenge anyone to scheme a running game anymore successful than ours when the opposing team puts 8 men in the box on a regular basis. On occasion there have been 9 in the box and never fewer than 7. The simple truth is the entire offense is crippled seriously by pathetic QB play. So when would you expect the offense to do what little it can,when the QB hands the ball to the running back and gets out of the way. Say what we will about KU's offense till we find a QB with the mental acumen and emotional stability we will sputter and stall.

caster (Glen Grunz) says...

No team that has the run game KU has displayed, especially given horrible pass game, can be said to have a terrible offensive line. The line is a work in progress but the talent is here, ask our OC. He does know a little about offensive lines. Try collecting hard data rather than emotional knee jerk. Seven times on Saturday my stop watch revealed Cozart had 5 plus seconds to throw. That is all a QB can ask for. I timed other occasions but on these seven Cozart launched ill advised passes in the wrong direction all were, thankfully, incomplete. From the first snap Cozart looked rattled and disoriented. The Duke DC did what any good DC would do when he saw that. He blitzed hard and often. Even if the blitz failed to get to Cozart it obviously added to his confusion. A good portion of the problem in picking up the blitz lies with the running backs. Did you notice more blitzes when Avery was in there. He is a freshman and talented back that he is there are other phases of the game that are clearly a work in progress. Please remember an offensive line can make a QB look bad but a QB can also make an offensive line look bad. The question that remains and will is not nearly so much about the KU offensive line as it is the KU QB. Will Cozart make it, very unlikely. He has had freshman exposure as a starter, spring ball and fall camp. In seven of eight quarters he has shown more regression than progress. The sad conclusion is just that sad, failure.

caster (Glen Grunz) says...

No problem with giving J.E. a needed rest. However if it goes too long.....well when you are sidelined too long you can lose your edge, become out of synch. Ideally he can practice on Sunday and play on Tuesday. Missing two games and all that practice and he could be truly rusty for Texas. Not something we need.

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caster (Glen Grunz) says...

No AD is going to fire the head football coach after two years. This is especially true following having fired the previous coach after two years. Any coach you would care to put forth as a viable candidate would probably be uninterested in the KU job. Coaches are very career aware. They would look at KU and simply say hey you guys don't give your head coach a fair chance and they would be right. Two years is not a fair chance. Especially considering the total debacle that Coach Weis inherited at KU. We quite simply did not have a football program when Coach Weis was hired. It was a shambles and laughable compared to any other Big 12 program. Likelihood that coach Weis will get less than 4 years 40%.

caster (Glen Grunz) says...

Probably just showing my age. But does anyone remember the long standing axiom of coaches, a team will show more improvement between the first and second game than at any other time. This is particularly true of a a team with a large number of new comers. Of course there are exceptions but in the vast majority of the cases this holds true. Beyond this it is important to look at a teams correctable shortcomings as opposed to the irrevocable deficits. The passing game revealed a lack of cohesion and timing not as last year a lack of of ability and skill. By the end of the second game last year it was evident that the team was just plain going to struggle all year in a number of areas. So far, yes that hasn't been far, this team has not shown the numerous irrevocable deficits of last year. Again, addressing the passing game it needs refinement and coordination. This is doable. A lack of just plain skill and ability is just that, not correctable.

On Monday Rewind: South Dakota

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caster (Glen Grunz) says...

Goodness where did you learn statistical analysis. For instance your "POE" the key here is expected how was that number generated, what was the population, what parameters were set for inclusion in this population, and most significantly what is the standard deviation. There is quite a trend going in sports today promoting all these metrics (statistics) as the mecca of player evaluation. Since most of the general population has very little understanding of the statistical models and the underlying probability models these numbers can be quite compelling. Alas many of these metrics come under the heading of figures don't lie but liars figure. No I don't think you are a liar but you may well have been taken in by clever numbers comparisons that have no established validity or reliability. In short those tables you have put up may indeed hold significant information but lacking some very important information regarding these table they are essentially statistical blag-blah. G