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bradynsdad (Anonymous) says...

Does anyone know if it's on Direct TV?

On Dunks to be on display at Late Night

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bradynsdad (Anonymous) says...

I have Direct TV in Wichita, does anyone have a channel it might be on?

On Jake Heaps has routines down

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bradynsdad (Anonymous) says...

I know it's completely unlikely he would do it but I was thinking about playing time and how deep the team is. What would stop Bill from playing two teams in four minute blocks? Challenging them to see which one gets the most production and running other teams out of the gym?
Starting 1st

I know it's crazy but just a thought.

On Bill Self shares credit at Hall induction

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bradynsdad (Anonymous) says...

So Ben goes from possible number1 to 4th?

On Tarik Black strong, physical

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bradynsdad (Anonymous) says...

So Zach Peters commits to Arizona? Must have been much more to that story than concussions. Otherwise why wouldn't Self try to get him back?

bradynsdad (Anonymous) says...

We need a long term hire not just a one year players father. We need to hire a recruiter for years to come. If he can't coach or recruit then Self would have to let him go immediately.

bradynsdad (Anonymous) says...

Just to bring a little light to the all star UK recruiting class, Fran Frischilla did not have very glowing things to say about the Harrison twins after this weekend. He basically hinted that they were selfish and couldn't control the game at all. He seems to think they will struggle with Cals system next year.

bradynsdad (Anonymous) says...

I am never negative on here but I think we should all give up on having a shot at Wiggins. He is not coming to KU. I don't care where he goes honestly. I can guarantee UK will have immense ego problems if he goes there. Will all those five star recruits sacrifice playing time, points, tv time and everything else for the greater good? Doubt it. Will they all sacrifice their own draft status for the greater good? Doubt it. I do feel extreme optimistic about our entire team though. Even that ESPN article names Francamp as one of the top ten most impactful players in college next year, not bad for a kid that didn't get invited to any major all star games. I think Self will actually enjoy coaching these kids with no great expectations.

On Bill Self: OSU team to beat

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bradynsdad (Anonymous) says...

Joe Dooley to take the Florida Gulf Coast job!! Who will Self bring in to replace him?

bradynsdad (Anonymous) says...

I believe the only reason Wiggjns is waiting is because he wants to go to UK and his parents want him to go to FSU. His parents are probably trying to convince him that he won't be able to shine as much at UK. Personally until UK starts playing and winning games I think people need to calm down. I saw an ESPN article that said if Wiggins goes to UK then the NCAA should cancel the season and give Kentucky the trophy. Ridiculous. I watched an interview of Brannen Greene yesterday and I will take this kid over a one and done any day. He plans on being at KU a couple years and he is truly a very smart and nice young man. I think Self is 100% right in saying next years recruiting class is very underrated!

On NBA scout: Ben McLemore top-2 pick

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