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Ben Simonett

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bennybob (Ben Simonett) says...

Roy Williams > Bill Self

Either that or the UNC program provides him more resources than KU. either way, time to accept KU inst elite

bennybob (Ben Simonett) says...

VCU was a worst loss. that final 4 was weak and the Morri would have won us the chip if the team got there

bennybob (Ben Simonett) says...

2-5 in the elite 8 at KU

2-7 for his career

the sample size is large enough to come to conclusion ad it is this....bill self cant coach the tournament.

bennybob (Ben Simonett) says...

Doesn't really matter. as long as we have this coach we can expect conference domination and tournament choke jobs.

the sample size is large enough. Bill Self cant coach the tournament

bennybob (Ben Simonett) says...

A quick examination of Callipari's final 4s since he started pulling in the top classes completely destroys this argument.

Recruiting = Talent

There is a direct correlation between talent and Tournament success, unless you're Bill Self in a rnd of 32 or elite 8 game apparently

bennybob (Ben Simonett) says...

"That’s a nice eight-man rotation balanced with enough inside and outside scoring"

Um no, there is no inside scoring with that rotation Keagan. Bragg will be the most productive big points wise but he is a stretch 4, most of his buckets will be coming from mid range jumpers. Lucas has zero post game, Uzi has all the physical tools but not the footwork yet to score with his back to the basket. So unless you;re trying to say that a transfer is the next Markieff Morris im pretty sure KU will once again be getting its buckets from the perimeter next year

bennybob (Ben Simonett) says...

Alright! We got the wing talent to replace selden!

Who's ready for another exciting year of winning the conference, getting a high seed, and choking in the elite 8!?!

That's been Self M.O. to date and the majority of the fan base seems ok with it. So I done trying to convince people we should expect more

On Top-ranked senior Josh Jackson picks Kansas

Posted 12 April 2016, 10:07 a.m. Suggest removal

bennybob (Ben Simonett) says...

And Yet, Keagan was the first in-line to dismiss all the critics who said Self wasn't recruiting at the level a Blue Blood coach should.

Now he says Selfs team didn't have the talent make final 4s?

Recruiting = Talent

what a hypocrite.

bennybob (Ben Simonett) says...

I keep thinking back to the dual interview with Self and Huggins before the big 12 championship game. the reporter asked each coach to comment on what he admired most about the others program. Self gave a typical flattering response about playing tough etc but what Huggins said about Self has really stuck with me. he said something along the lines of "i wish i was 800-3 or something ridiculous like that at home."

Think about it, if you take away Allen fieldhouse from Self the last 13 years are we really even having a debate about his performance? Its a lot easier to win 12 straight conference titles when you can chalk up 8 wins every season right out of the gate automatically. How many conference titles does he have during his tenure if his homecourt record was more in-line with national averages? thatd be an extra 2-3 conference losses every season, enough to move his teams down the conference standings significantly.

The AFH advantage seems to be manifesting itself in Self's tournament underacheiving. Winning the big 12 because of AFH gives the program inflated seedings in the brackets that they constantly fail to live up to.

TL;DR If Self didnt have AFH he's probably not coaching at KU at this point. The conference streak is his only saving grace when his tournament record is examined. There wouldnt be a conference streak without AFH

bennybob (Ben Simonett) says...

Ignoring the first two years which you can chalk up to not having his system installed we can start to see a rather disturbing pattern with self in the tournament: his bad upsets always happen in the round of 32 or the elite 8. This suggests Self does poorly when given a short time to prep for an opponent. He's dominant in the regular season because the schedule is fixed and he is masterful at getting his teams ready for a foreseen opponent. But when he has no time to prep he just can't get his guys ready. 13 years is a large enough this point we need to be honest and admit the man is just not a good tournament coach.

I know the fan base is split on how important tournament performance is and weather the program should be content with the conference streak. But trying to argue Self doesn't consistently underachieving in the tournament at this point is asanine