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WindmillGIANT (Cody Riedy) says...

The shoes are already sold out on the adidas website.

WindmillGIANT (Cody Riedy) says...

No need to pull out and misuse a latin term, when a simpler term would do. This isn't an example of proving a claim must be true by showing the counterclaim to be ridiculous or untenable. This is simply satire - using humor and exaggeration to hold up a person or society's presumed flaws to expose and make fun of them. While, Brett does imply the claim that there is no chance that Ingram goes to Kansas and that it is ridiculous to think he would, by and large the post as a whole is making fun of the whole recruitment circus. So satire, not reductio ad absurdum, especially if we treat the message board as a form of literature. As you say: google it.

On Prep Ingram to pick Monday

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WindmillGIANT (Cody Riedy) says...

Maybe Nick Collison would like to do some coaching when he's done in the NBA.

On Column: Perry Ellis’ return huge for KU

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WindmillGIANT (Cody Riedy) says...

Some players frustrate you because you doubt their heart or commitment or their talent, etc. I think with Wayne, if fans are frustrated, it's because he's a guy you don't doubt in those ways and your anxious to see it all come together. Once upon a time, having a breakout season in one's junior year wasn't considered being a late-bloomer. I'm glad he'll be back.

WindmillGIANT (Cody Riedy) says...

Doug, let me summarize every comment you've ever made about football and basketball so that you can take a break from repeating yourself:

Football: Bowen is terrible. Mangino was a God among men and his firing was a crime against football - only the mercy of the heavens will allow KU to reach the heights of Mangino again.

Basketball: We need more players like Thomas Robinson.

On Bowen helped KU build foundation

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WindmillGIANT (Cody Riedy) says...

I more or less agree with your assessment, but on the other hand, if he isn't getting to be on an NBA roster next year, perhaps he should return for whatever KU glory he can attain and finish up a college degree while he's at it. Surely a career over in Europe can wait one more year?

WindmillGIANT (Cody Riedy) says...

I wonder if the knee injury is making Perry a bit jittery. It seems pretty clear that he's projected as a second round to non-drafted prospect, but maybe he's confident he can make a roster or that in any case somebody somewhere is going to give him a paycheck to play, which if an injury scare has gotten into his head, any paycheck might sound better than a worst-case scenario injury and no paycheck.

WindmillGIANT (Cody Riedy) says...

Here's a list of the same blue bloods and how many title games they've appeared in and their record in title games. Basically, KU has kept pace in title game appearances, if KU has a problem, it is that they have the worst record in title games out of their peers.

Appearances (record).
UCLA: 13 (11-2)
Kentucky: 12 (8-4)
Duke: 11 (5-6)
North Carolina: 9 (5-4)
Kansas: 9 (3-6)
Indiana: 6 (5-1)
UConn: 4 (4-0)
Louisville: 3 (3-0)

WindmillGIANT (Cody Riedy) says...

KU has only won two titles between 1988 and now, a 27 year period. However, we've appeared in 5 title games. So yes, it would be nice to have won more, but we are still playing in a title game at a pace of about once every five years. Here's all of the schools with as many or more national titles than KU.

Kentucky: They went from 1978 to 1996 without winning a title. They won again in 1998 and then didn't win until 2012. So that's an 18 year gap and 14 year gap between titles.

UCLA: went from 1975 to 1995 without a title and haven't won since. So that's 1 title in 40 years.

North Carolina: went from 1957 to 1982 without titles, a 25 year gap. Then from 1982 to to 1993, and from 1993 to Roy's pair of titles in 2005 and 2009.

Indiana: went from 1953 to 1976, when Bob Knight won his first title. 23 years. Indiana hasn't won a title since 1987, 28 years ago.

Duke: won in 91 and 92, then about a decade later in 2001, another decade later in 2010, and now in 2015.

Connecticut: they're weird. They don't make the tournament or they win the title. But out of al the "blue bloods", since 1999, they've won titles regularly in 99, 04, 11, and 14.

Louisville: went from 1986 to 2013, 27 years, without a title.

Throw in Michigan State, who has 2: they won in 79, then 21 years later in 2000, and now have gone 15 years without a title.

The moral of the story: outside of UConn, an a couple of close pairs for Duke and North Carolina, every single blue blood goes on average at least a decade if not two and nearly three between titles.

WindmillGIANT (Cody Riedy) says...

Bryce = Moron. Put that in caps.