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Table_Rock_Jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

2022 KU Recruiting Class is Ranked 98th by Rivals.

We are tied with James Madison and Campbell University

This is a red flag to me.

We got to get some talent in the trenches, otherwise this rebuild will never happen.

Table_Rock_Jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

It wasn’t the chancellor who fired Mangino, it was Lou Perkins.

We didn’t know it at the time, but Lou was the most dangerous risk to this university.

I’m not sure the end is in sight. Our recruitment class for next year is ranked 98 right now.

Is Leipold able to recruit here ?

Table_Rock_Jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

Pick your battles. Talent level is low, you're down big, and this rebuilding project is a marathon and not a sprint. Save your energies and focus on the rebuild marathon. Control what you can control and keep sawin wood.

Table_Rock_Jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

I don't know - kind of feel like OSU, Baylor, WVU, or maybe a TCU will bail in the near future if the opportunity presents itself.

If the Big 10 comes knockin, we better take it while we can.

Table_Rock_Jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

Wow - and some of you thought Mangino was a monster.

Mangino was a saint compared to these dudes.

Could be the nail in the coffin for Long and Miles's hopes of ever getting a job offer.

Table_Rock_Jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

This fan base.

Ya’ll wanted Mangino gone and look where that karma has taken us.

Now you want Self gone too ?

Be careful what you ask for.

Table_Rock_Jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

We all know that the only way to end the curse is to do the right thing. And the right thing is to offer the job back to the greatest football coach this program has ever had.

At least give him the opportunity to turn it down, and maybe the Curse of Mangino will finally go away.


Table_Rock_Jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

For all the folks that celebrated Mangino’s termination in 2009, hope you’ve learned your lesson.

On Les Miles done as KU's football coach

Posted 9 March 2021, 10:02 a.m. Suggest removal

Table_Rock_Jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

Got to have a QB that can throw accurately. And we got to have an O-line that can block.

Hire Mangino to find us a QB, and consult Miles on how to turn this around.

Table_Rock_Jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

Good Article - 100% Agree