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Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

I think the NCAA wants him to play because he's going to be the Wiggins of this class.. He'll draw in tons of money, therefore the NCAA will probably clear him.

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Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

He had a good second half offensively. His defense and rebounding are still atrocious. That's who he is though.

My only problem with all of this is that people still make Perry out to be a huge all-star that he's not. He's a finesse 4, with the right matchups he excels on the offensive end. He does not rebound well, he does not block out well, he does not go up strong and struggles against tall athletic bigs. That's who he is and people would probably be less upset if LJWorld etc would stop making him out to be this amazing dominant talent. We run our entire offense through the kid, of course he's going to put up 10 or 15 points a game. Anyone in the starting lineup would if they had as many opportunities as Perry gets.

The one thing I would actually like to see change is that Self hold Perry accountable for all of his defensive lapses. For whatever reason, he seems to get a complete pass on those while other players get a quick yank.

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Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

They were saying his name, not his class... Kelly Oubre Jr.

Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

5 minutes into the second half Perry had 14 touches... How many points in the paint? 0. As a matter of fact he only had 9 points, all from 3. It's great if Perry can hit a 3 when he's open, but he's not a 2 or a 3. His job is to perform down low and in the paint primarily, and he's not doing it.

Fact of the matter is that against decent teams he's not going to get nearly the wide open looks from 3, and chances are he's not going to be on fire behind the arc either like in this game. Hate to say it, but if he's not hitting 3's he's been pretty worthless on the court as of late.

Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

While I generally agree with what you are saying... They sure as hell weren't wrong. We're not even near a top 20 team right now. I'd actually put us somewhere in the middle of the pack in the big12 alone. Maybe lower.

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Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

On the FT line? Greene. Greene has been far more clutch with his free-throws than anyone else period.

I don't even know how anyone would want anyone BUT Greene in that position. Kid hasn't missed.

Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

What you are describing is not elite point guard play... It's a middle school mistake which Frank makes all the time. Jumping in the air with no-where to go. Sure, if he penetrates and see's an open man then jumps to protect his pass and create some space, that's great. Jumping in the air, then hoping to god someone is open, spinning 180 degrees, and throwing a contested pass with no other option... That's just a mistake that he gets away with sometimes and others not. It needs to stop or be more controlled honestly. Once he figures that part out and starts finishing some easy bunnies he'll be an elite PG.

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Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

I'm glad someone else remembers this... That season shouldn't be held against Mangino at all. If anything, that season should be credited to Lew. It was blatantly obvious to everyone that Lew had set his sights on firing Mangino and finding a way to do so. With all of that drama happening, back-door meetings with players (without Mangino) etc, it's no wonder the team didn't play as an actual team.

I'm not saying Mangino is the greatest coach ever, or that he is above criticism, I just don't think that last season can or should be held against him in any way.

Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

See, I think the stats are misleading... He's not nearly the rebounder his stats etc would communicate. He doesn't play ANY defense at all. Instead, he plays basketball like a businessman. He knows stats sell, so he gives up all his defensive assignments to instead focus on picking up rebounds and loose balls. His offensive abilities shine because he's the only person on his team to make plays. Pair him with Lebron, who will eat up those possessions and his offense takes a nose dive. Not to mention everything he gives up defensively.

I'm not saying Love isn't a solid player, but in my opinion the only reason he's an "allstar" is because he plays for a garbage team and plays specifically to pad his stats.

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Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

EJ will always be one of my favorite jayhawks ever... He lived and breathed KU basketball. He had a couple of mis-steps, probably due to being slammed into the 1PG slot etc. Regardless, he gave his all and wore his heart on his sleeve. I've got nothing but respect and well wishes for him! I hope EJ makes it into the NBA at least for a couple years, and if that doesn't pan out I hope he makes a ton of money in Europe throughout his career.

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