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Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

Our defense, offense, and general ball movement is better when Mitch is on the court vs. McCormack.

If you can't see that, maybe time to put down the pipe because quite literally everyone else see's it clear as day. McCormack took like 9 steps backwards from last season it's not even close. He's out of position all the time on boards, he gets pushed around by little guards, he can't hit an uncontested layup for crying out loud. The guy is broken, and i hope he puts it together but until then Mitch is 100% the better option.

You know that's the case, because Self RARELY makes changes like this once he's selected his starters... But DMac has been so bad, even Self couldn't justify leaving him in there.

Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

Lightfoot should be starting. The better option in virtually every single way other than looks (DMac looks bigger, but plays smaller and weaker).

Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

Can we all (to include Self) just admit that McCormack is not by any quantifiable means good.

He's a black hole of zero rebounding capability, and can't finish to save his life under the rim. Today he was 2 for 6 point blank with 5 total rebounds all but 1 being a free and clear gimme.

When our guards are out-rebounding and better at scoring under the basket than our "big", it's time to leave him on the bench.

Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

I still think we need a real 5. BMac hustles a lot, but he can barely dunk the ball. Every offensive move he has is fading away because he's incredibly soft.

Bottom line, we need a real 5 who can rebound, dunk and clear space. BMac is none of those things unless he's playing against small ball teams. That doesn't cut it when we get to the tournament.

Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

"First half, Dmac was on the bench with 2 fouls... Second half, he played."

That's the game. We were incredibly worse as a team both offensively and defensively against Texas with DMac on the court.

Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

So, can we all admit that Garrett playing point guard is terrible for him, AND the team?

Garrett is a stud off-ball, if he's not off-ball, quite frankly he shouldn't be in the game. When he's running the point the ball sticks/turnovers/blocked shots driving into bigs repeatedly. Off-ball it seems like we get better ball movement, which ironically actually puts Garrett in a better position to get to the rim on a slash and not get stuffed by 3 guys.

Love Garrett, hate to see him be relegated to a position he can't play similar to EJ his senior season. But even EJ was still far better suited to play PG than this. We have other options that while they may make mistakes, are still an upgrade at the 1PG spot.

Just my .02 cents, i'm sure Self will work his magic to right the ship as he always does.

Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

I think this entire article as well as the comments are a great example of just how short the memory of the general public is.

Charlie Weis had 2 seasons at Kansas. He was fired 4 games into the last season, and that was at the point the AD had already made the decision, so functionally 2 seasons.

Who did he succeed? You want to talk about a coach that was unqualified for the job? How about Turner Gill? The guy had ZERO qualifications. He enacted rules against the players that they couldn't have cell phones or women in the dorms after something like 8pm at night. Seriously? You want to know when this program went into the crapper, it was when Mark Mangino got thrown under a bus and we hired a glorified high school coach to replace him. 2 years was not long enough for Weis to affect anything. He may have succeeded, he may have failed, but 2 years was not enough to do much of anything with sub-par talent, a bad reputation, and flailing support.

The worst hire this university has ever had was Turner Gill. The problems we face are not the result of Weis (not saying he didn't make mistakes, but not everything is his). Lets not pretend he caused all our problems. Lew Perkins personal witch hunt of Mark Mangino is what put us in a huge downward spiral. If you think the AD having meetings with players behind the coaches back, bad mouthing the coach, telling players he was going to get rid of the coach etc doesn't affect player behavior or team cohesion, you are out of your mind.

Lets look at the full history and not just point fingers at a scapegoat in a "what have you done for me lately" manner.

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Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

This always cracks me up every time I hear it. Perry cannot, and will not play the 3. He's not capable of it against any half-way decent team.

That's not a knock on him really, hes a college 4. He can't even remotely keep up with a 3 defensively.

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Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

You act as if smoking a joint is equivalent to joining a gang and knocking over liquor stores. Yes, that incident could in fact improve the "family values" atmosphere... Some people in this world realize that people make mistakes. Throwing Jerrance out for making a poor decision that did not negatively affect anyone else directly, that would have been more anti-family imho.

Dishing out appropriate punishment, and allowing him to learn from it and become a better person, that is what family values is all about.

Ryan_32 (Anonymous) says...

That's been the problem all year though, we don't have a leader...