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Thomas Wagner

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Rockydog (Thomas Wagner) says...

If we go with a 5th year senior next year *Thomas MacVittie and Miles Kendrick*, then it will be another wasted year in the program and I think the Coaching staff understands this. I'm not saying that either of these young men can't play, but for the future of the program, we need to start either a 1st or 2nd year player and allow them two or three years to truly develop into the system. This will also allow the coaching staff to recruit over him in the future.

Rockydog (Thomas Wagner) says...

Here is what I took out of the article -

Why is Women's Basketball claiming 13 scholarships?

Title IX want's equal opportunity, so therefore there should be between 11 and 24 additional scholorships available for men's programs.

Bring back Men's Wrestling, Men's Tennis, Men's Soccer or better yet - offer full scholarships for Men's Baseball.

Rockydog (Thomas Wagner) says...

Doesn't matter the sport, just love seeing local student-athletes joining the Hawks!!!

They almost always end up being the glue and the backbone of championship teams.

On Kennedy Farris to join Kansas volleyball

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Rockydog (Thomas Wagner) says...

100% agree - I'm a true believer that a strong run game not only shortens the game, but it keeps the defensive unit fresh.

Rockydog (Thomas Wagner) says...

HCDB once said he wasn't going to red-shirt anyone. Now, we see he had 27 players red-shirt. Amazing.

Hopefully HCLM will be able to use a handful of them and take advantage of the extra year.

On KU football redshirted 27 players in 2018

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Rockydog (Thomas Wagner) says...

And hopefully die....

Rockydog (Thomas Wagner) says...

I really wish someone would look at this under the radar head coach. This guys can get it done.

Brian Bohannon from Kennesaw State. Maybe the Big South isn't the most impressive conference, but look at this background, where he is from, and what he has accomplished.

Just so you know - I have no relationship with this coach or program. I did a deep dive into up and coming coaches on my own who have the same ideals I believe that it takes to make a difference. I was looking for someone who doesn't coach the same ways as everyone else. Who believes in his own philosophy and is willing to march to his own beliefs.

Rockydog (Thomas Wagner) says...

Don't you remember last week when Beatty said there was no one that would be redshirted. No matter if it is Beatty or a new coach - there will still be a major imbalance of numbers per class.

Rockydog (Thomas Wagner) says...

I've been poking around at some lower level coach s that could potentially be worth interviewing and I really like the Kennesaw State Head Coach

Rockydog (Thomas Wagner) says...

When I made my original statement I wasn't saying that all Freshman should be red-shirted. The point I wanted to make was there are at least a handful with every class that would benefit from it.

Upon further review of the list in the article, I'm shocked (although I shouldn't be) that there are a total of 2 freshman that could be red-shirted at this time. This is a direct result of the lack of planning and using JUCO's and Transfers to help fill the upper class gaps from previous issues.

What's going to happen in 3-4 years (Beatty won't be here to deal with it) when this group are upperclassman.

So maybe it isn't a bad idea to not red-shirt them since there aren't very many.

This is the type of planning that requires a coach to be fired.