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Phoggin_Loud (Anonymous) says...

I still believe that the1986 team (Ron Kellogg, Greg Dreiling, Cedric Hunter, Archie Marshall, Turgeon, Manning, would have won the NC had there been a 3-point line. Kellogg had one smooth left-handed jumper; Hunter to Thompson "Cally-oop"; Manning & Dreiling in the middle. One of my favorite all-time teams!!

On Lineman Chad Kolumber bolts

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Phoggin_Loud (Anonymous) says...

Regarding speed, here's the entire quote from Coach Campo:

"Not the best, but I think we have some guys that can run," Campo said. "You have to remember, you don't have to find 30 guys that can run. All you have to do is find 11 of them. That's something that people forget sometimes. I guarantee that our 30 players are maybe not as good as 30 players at Oklahoma. But maybe six of them are as good as anybody at Oklahoma. Then you have to find guys to fill in that do it the right way, and then you've got a chance to get better."

Phoggin_Loud (Anonymous) says...

Thanks for sharing, kustrong!

"What does he envision as his greatest successes at KU? Weis views the answer both short-term and long-term.

“Somewhere this year,” he said, “you want to have a full house and have a team from the conference that everyone thinks is decent in here, and you want to beat them so all these people that live and die crimson and blue can celebrate together.

“Two is going on the road somewhere where everyone thought you had no chance, and their fans heading for the rafters before the game is over, and those couple thousand Kansas fans that got tickets scattered throughout the stadium all end up behind your bench waving towels. I want this program to experience that this year.”

On Report: Irish TE to transfer to Kansas

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Phoggin_Loud (Anonymous) says...

It seems like Rodney Coe has ballooned to 270lbs and is not heading to Iowa.


His final 2 were Iowa & Kansas.

Is Coe one of the guys Coach Weis expects to transfer in??

On Report: Speedy running back commits to KU

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Phoggin_Loud (Anonymous) says...

Good post 1973, I agree with Clemson & FSU rather than than BYU & Louisville.

However, the Big XII will have a difficult time splitting TCU from the other Texas teams. I could envision FSU & TCU switching on your list.

I guess the Big XII could add them all and be the first league to 16 teams. How ironic would that be? LOL.

On KU football still working on ’12 class

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Phoggin_Loud (Anonymous) says...

I have to admit, I am disappointed in the Crawley to Colorado decision. He posted on Twitter last night:

RT @SupaStarLo_MMG My profile pic will change Tuesday and that avi will be the next school I will take my talents to #kufball.

I didn't expect to find out today that he didn't pick KU.

Oh well, Next!

Phoggin_Loud (Anonymous) says...

While we're at it:

free west virginia!!!

Phoggin_Loud (Anonymous) says...

I am not defending Berglund. There has to be a good reason that his request was denied that is not being released to the media.
It looks bad for KU now, but we have only heard Berglund's side of the story. KU's side will come out soon enough.

Phoggin_Loud (Anonymous) says...

From Matt Tait's article on Tuesday, January 17th:

"KU officials said Berglund sent an email to several people in the KU athletic department at 3:08 p.m. Sunday. In the email, officials said Berglund requested his transfer release and informed them that he would not be at a mandatory 5 p.m. Sunday team meeting."

So, is he really requesting a release because he was dismissed for missing the meeting?
Sounds like he requested a release before the meeting.

Phoggin_Loud (Anonymous) says...

Nice job, KG.
Also, Weis was in Hutch yesterday talking with coaches & players.
Patterson is one of the most coveted JUCO WR's in the nation.

He is also the cousin of Keon Stowers, who has vowed to recruit him.