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PhillyBlunt (Dan Philipps) says...

I love Garrett's line from his first game ... 6 steals! The Miami Heat are the perfect organization for him ... I could see Jimmy Butler taking him under his wing.

22 mins, 4-6 fg, 2-4 ft, 2 orb, 1drb, 2ast, 6stl, +7 +/-

PhillyBlunt (Dan Philipps) says...

Great job team ... Carry that momentum into NCAA's. Good luck!

PhillyBlunt (Dan Philipps) says...

Matt - Nice work getting something out there we can all debate on! This is not a bad list, but I think you have a typo .... Jeff Withey starting over Joel Embiid? Are you kidding me?

Azubuike should not be able to sniff the All-Decade team. I would rather have Tarik Black over him in a heart beat.

I really liked Thomas Robinson, but the Morris twins would run circles around him every day of the week .. Just look at what happened in the NBA.

Kelly Oubre' has been playing well in the league lately ... But I don't think he should be up here quite yet.

You could definitely argue Wiggins over Jackson for the starting role, but in my opinion, both players have a case for that spot.

On KU Men's Basketball - All-Decade Team

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PhillyBlunt (Dan Philipps) says...

Does anyone know what's going on with Silvio? Over the last couple games, he's playing limited garbage time minutes and does not seem to be engaged. Has HCBS completely broken his spirit? Is he injured?

PhillyBlunt (Dan Philipps) says...

Thanks for the insider information ... And I agree, Hudy did a great job with the team and I wish her the best. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a new career challenge.

PhillyBlunt (Dan Philipps) says...

I don't think this will be the end of the world. KU should have no issues recruiting a new top notch strength and conditioning coach. I'm more interested in 'why' Hudy and Grant left ... Is it because of the new Team Health program? I wish them both the best in their new careers.

From my limited perspective, the program seems very innovative and puts the interests of the student athlete first. Partnering with true medical professionals may have bruised some egos from the athletic department side (but that is just conjecture).

PhillyBlunt (Dan Philipps) says...

Were we that good, or was NorthEastern that bad? I pulled some tournament stats from three memorable KU teams to see how they compared. Of those teams, no one hit 34+ points in an NCAA victory. Based on this superstitious logic, I expect the margin for Saturday's game to be between 4 and -4.

1997 - Haase, LaFrenz, Pierce, Pollard, Thomas, Vaughn
2003 - Collison, Graves, Hinrich, Langord, Milies, Simien
2008 - Aldrich, Arhur, Rush, Chalmers, Collins, Jackson, Kaun, Reed, Robinson

Here are the win margins from each team in the NCAA tournament ...

1997 win margins: 14, 14, -3. What a brutal loss for KU. The only redeeming factor was that Arizona won it all that year and was ridiculously under seeded at a 4.

2003 win margins: 3, 32, 4, 3, 33, -3. This was by far the most difficult game I've ever watched. To put it into context, KU shot 20% (4/20) from 3pt and 40% (12/30) from the free throw line. Next time you get frustrated at KU, just remember it could be worse ... 12/30 worse. It just hurts typing this and I was not the one shooting fre throws. We crushed Marquette by 33 when they had Dwayne Wade ... I can't believe the Syracuse zone crushed us 2 days later.

The 2008 team (finally some good news) win margins: 24, 19, 15, 2, 18, 7. We barely beat Steph Curry and Davidson by 2 points, and had an amazing comeback against Memphis. good vibes!

PhillyBlunt (Dan Philipps) says...

@Joe Joseph - I agree. A great kid who will continue to improve and will hopefully be another dominant KU big man, but his current game always looks a little out of sorts to me.

PhillyBlunt (Dan Philipps) says...

Silvio - I don't know you and am confident you will probably never read this, but your actions, patience, restraint, and attitude are exceptional. I am glad that you are a member of the Kansas Basketball Team and hope the organizational grind of the NCAA can make a decision for you soon. Keep up the good work.

PhillyBlunt (Dan Philipps) says...

I've always been confident in HCBS's ability to motivate his players and run his traditional offensive schemes; it's a huge reason why he's sitting in the Hall of Fame. Tweaking the offense mid-season will be a great test for him and I'm excited to see how the team evolves from this point forward. I've always had a lot of respect for Brad Stevens and Eric Spoelestra because I feel like they have had to adapt to challenging lineups their entire career. Let's hope HCBS can meet the challenge as well.

On a side note, thank you Kansas for being such an amazing program. Without the fans, players, coaching, facilities, university, etc..., ESPN and CBS would not broadcast almost every game of the season. It is such a treat to live away from Lawrence and still be able to see us play (win or lose).

I remember going through some tough stretches as a student-athlete while at KU ... These players are too strong and talented not to persevere.