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Ozarkace68 (Anonymous) says...

As one who highly values my graduate education at KU which was heavily based on statistics and research, but I must add the caveat was also undertaken in the 20th Century when TI and HP calcualtors used Reverse Polish Notation as a method of data entry, cost over $150, and the lap top was a dance at a bar in north Lawrence, I have had a distrust of all of the "computer rankings" for some time.
I would still be fumbling for punched cards in the basement of Summerfield Hall were it not for a more intelligent and resourceful lab partner for whom I will be forever grateful for the degree on my wall.
The developers of the various indicies saw that somewhere down the road people would lock themselves up in 5 star hotel ballrooms, order expensive sandwiches and salads, and at the end of the day need something to support the decisions they had made. Among other factors, the indicies would not shed light on the subject but would support the conclusions they had drawn for March Madness.
There is a cute little adage that more succinctly states this but I forgot it along with much the other stat info I learned at KU. I imagine all this makes about as much sense as the RPI. Just wish I would have thought of it first so I could have actually afforded to retire.
Bottom line is it is easy to say toss the RPI out (or the BCS?) but replace them with what? The dreaded word "play off" comes to mind. I think it does make more sense in basketball but what about the "student athelete"? NCAA claims the RPI is another tool to select the most qualified make the Big Dance. I suspect it is a left handed monkey wrench. By the way, I don't have the answer either.

On It’s time for RPI to RIP

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Ozarkace68 (Anonymous) says...

Regardless of whether Jo Jo was in or out I was in Lubbock that night and will forever believe the National Championship was decided on that floor that night. The meeting between Texas Western and Kentucky had major social significance but in terms of playing the game, it was decided in Lubbock.

Too bad other members of that great team could not be there yesterday to share the glory and the love. They were one of the best.

Ozarkace68 (Anonymous) says...

Dickie V also said that despite an off year, the road to the Big XII still goes through Lawrence AND Bill Self has poised himself for another run at the top for next year with Perry Ellis and our 2 forced "redshirts".

Next year's recruiting class looks excellent and by the way, when were you born, what school did you go to, are you old enough to remember "Danny and the Miracles" and do you know who Phog Allen was?

My suggestion is to get a life on some other web page. I can deal with you by just skipping over your posts but how do you live with your own pathetic delusions?

On Wildcats' swats flummox KU

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Ozarkace68 (Anonymous) says...

What is the story on Nino Jackson? Not listed on the ESPN-U top 100 yet shows up as a top 50 on Rivals with KU as the only High interest school with an indication that he has been offered a scholarship. Anybody know the straight scoop?

Ozarkace68 (Anonymous) says...

I keep asking myself, what are they thinking, then I ask, "who are they?". I am not sure who is driving the MU bus but they are certainly thowing a lot of student athletes, students, alums, and fans under it.

The more I think about MU's future the less significant they become. The only thing I wish them is that they are able to find a group of well grounded and visionary administrators and goveranance bodies in the future. By that time they may have sunk to the level of Mid Major.

Yes KU has major football issues but they will be fixed and it will not involve becoming arrogant, egocentric, or just plain stupid. The whole thing defies explanation. If it was about money they would have done nothing.

Ozarkace68 (Anonymous) says...

So soon we forget "the rest of the story" on the Mangino Era. I am glad someone finally took the time to review the record.

Ozarkace68 (Anonymous) says...

Does MU have an inkling of an idea of how little sense any of this makes. If the departure from the Big 12 threat weren't enough, the empty concessions of a "holiday tournament" for Kansas City and a football game in Kansas City with a "traditional rival" are laughable.

The "holiday tournament" might be held around Turkey Day and the football game with the "traditional raval" could be a contest with fellow outcast Colorado. They could opt for Nebraska but I doubt if they can beat them.

This is Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

Ozarkace68 (Anonymous) says...

While the suggestion of emailing the MU administration, assuming they have one given the apparent lack of leadership in Columbia, is a sound request, may I suggest a more grass roots approach that was being considered by the OU and OSU alums and students, had the PAC whatever option come into play.
Why not call or email a MU alum, we all know one or several, and suggest they email the fools who are making the decisions at their school.
I would particularly seek out MU alums who are donating $$$$ every year for prime seating at MU football and basketball games. Ask them how much they will enjoy the drive to Gainsville, Knoxville, and those other towns where they will be unlikely to be welcomed in stead of Austin, Oklahoma City, Manhattan, and how about Kansas City because the annual Arrowhead game is history, I would hope.
Have them check out Bill Self's article on this web site where they will see that the only rival basketball game will be to visit their former coach in Fayetteville. Ask them who in the hell is driving the bus in Columbia. It isn't the student athletes, the students, the alums, the fans, or anyone with an ounce of common sense. Those folks are all being thrown under the bus.
Unless some backroom deal has been made with the Big 10, this makes about as much sense as the hiring of their new basketball coach.
Someone needs to tell T. Boone Pickens to stick to oil. Every time he opens his mouth about college athletics he shoves his boot in it.

Ozarkace68 (Anonymous) says...

I believe Missouri, like Texas A&M, must have recently attended one of mid America's many state fairs and looked in one of those fun house distorted mirrors and come away with a highly misleading perception of themselves.
They, at least their Board of Curators (more akin to a governing body for a museum), fancy themselves as an athletic power in another place, when the Big XII is in a position to return to it's perch atop the national power grid. In fact we are paving the way there, and MU like the Aggies will find themselves fighting for mid-division honors in the SEC.
Why would MU do this. I think they still have Big 10 envy, ego deflation and are suffering from being left at the altar while Nebraska was welcomed.
Tradition and rivalries mean something. If they don't? Let them go. I think a poll of the MU fan base would not look kindly on this short sighted ploy.
Should MU be invited to the SEC or the Big 10 they will have met the enemy, and it is their own selves. (With appoligies to Pogo!)

Ozarkace68 (Anonymous) says...

I have seen the error of my ways and now realize that a change of leadership in the Big ?? Conference is not going to stop the implosion. We must fend for ourselves.

I started thinking what impact this might be having on recruiting for Coach Self? Of course he can sell his own program but when it comes down to 3 or 4 schools, opposing coaches telling recruits that they may end up playing in second level conferences where their talent will not be showcased, and they may be right.

I can only hope our new AD is Tweeting himself crazy exploring options and finding the best fit for the Jayhawk Nation. In the meantime it is important that we put on a untied front supporting out teams and our university as every week becomes a "job interview".

We have a very good and recognizable brand. Fill the stands and demand inclusion don't keep making tailgating "Whine and Cheese Parties,"