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Max_Kennedy (Anonymous) says...

It seems like a no-brainer conclusion. With his abilities, what kind of sense would it make to miss the draft AND not return? Not signing with an agent and withdrawing from the draft says he chose to retain his eligibility and now hopes to return. And he has the added responsibility of being a parent. I like Lagerald and really hope things work out how ever is best for him.

Max_Kennedy (Anonymous) says...

That pretty well sums it up (plus other bad calls against KU). When Ridley dragged Enbiid down and threw him to the floor and there was no call, I knew it was going to be a long night. And none of the reporting ever mentions the bad officiating, even when it is so blatant, even if it is a major factor in the outcome (I'm not saying it was this time, but let's face it - it's awfully hard to come back when you have to not only beat the other team, but the zebras too.).

On Kansas basketball v. Texas

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