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Alan Dickey

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MarineHawk (Alan Dickey) says...

I hope that Braun comes back, and I think it might be good for him long-term, but I’m not optimistic.

Unless I missed it, I haven’t seen Wilson on any mock drafts. So, I’m hopeful that he returns.

Perhaps our starting lineup could look like this:

(C) Zach Clemence: So. / 6-10 / 215

(PF) K.J. Adams: So. / 6-7 / 225

(SF) Jalen Wilson: RS-Jr. / 6-8 / 215

(SG) Joseph Yesufu: RS-Jr. / 6-0 / 180

(PG) Dajuan Harris: RS-Jr. / 6-1 / 160

That’s not as experienced as this year’s group, but it might be experienced enough. I’m assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that Self will value the experience of the returning players enough that, at least at the start, our talented incoming freshmen won’t be starting.

Our bench could be fairly strong if it looks something like this:

(PG) Bobby Pettiford Jr.: So. / 6-1 / 175

(PF) Cam Martin: 5-yr Sr. / 6-9 / 240

(SF) M.J. Rice: Fr. / 6-5/ 200 (Rivals #22)

(SF) Gradey Dick: Fr. / 6-7 / 195 (Rivals #24)

(C) Ernest Udeh: Fr. 6-10 / 232 (Rivals #30)

(PF) Zuby Ejiofor: Fr. / 6-8 / 220 (Rivals #46)

(SG) Kyle Cuffe Jr.: RS-Fr. / 6-2 / 173 (Rivals #106)

I wonder if we will have any transfers. If all of the above are on our roster, we should have one extra scholarship for one of those.

MarineHawk (Alan Dickey) says...

I hope Braun comes back next year instead of going without a contract to the NBA in the second round. Worked for Agbaji this year.

MarineHawk (Alan Dickey) says...

I just looked and, outside of Villanova’s starting five (including the gone-for-the-season SG Justin Moore), Caleb Daniels is averaging 27 minutes per game off the bench. He will replace Moore. But, in the last nine Villanova games decided by 8 or fewer points, the rest of their bench has played only an average of 7.8 minutes per game. Not one Villanova player, outside of the starting five and Daniels, averages even 2 points per game.

Villanova plays a very slow game. They rank 345th out of 358 D1 teams in adjusted tempo per KenPom. If we run at these guys, they are going to have some serious depth limitations, and foul trouble could be cataclysmic for Villanova. They just have no bench to work with. We should be able to exploit that.

MarineHawk (Alan Dickey) says...

Harris's emergence as a scoring threat really could help this team, especially if Remy doesn't come back strong. Doing the math, after missing his first seven threes of the year, he's been shooting 40% from three. In the only three games in which he took at least four threes, including the last two, he's shooting 50% (7/14). His floater also is wicked, and it seems like he almost never misses one. I hope all of this continues to progress. Better to have five scoring threats on the floor, rather than just four.

MarineHawk (Alan Dickey) says...

No Tarleton version 2 days out?

MarineHawk (Alan Dickey) says...

What are your thoughts on Bobby Pettiford?

I thought he was the most surprisingly-effective newcomer in his limited 11 minutes.

MarineHawk (Alan Dickey) says...

While Tech’s turnover-creation numbers are great overall, of the six Tech wins this season, five of them came against teams now ranked ## 279, 287, 302, 309, & 315. They lost by 11 to Houston and beat Abilene Christian by an unimpressive score of 51-44 at home. I think Tech’s impressive defensive numbers may be a function of beating up on five teams that all were among the worst 22% of teams in all of CBB.

We struggled against NDSU, so anything can happen. But we hopefully won’t be overlooking Tech. I think we win this one if we just play reasonably steady.

MarineHawk (Alan Dickey) says...

I believe it is "Keyontae," rather than "Keytonae," Johnson--referring to the article title..

MarineHawk (Alan Dickey) says...

Two years ago, playing behind and with Dedric Lawson, KL Lawson, and Azubuike, Lightfoot had an EFF of 0.34. Now, two years later, he almost-exclusively plays as the only “big” (when he’s in); and he does so with two more years of experience. He’s good.

MarineHawk (Alan Dickey) says...

Thanks Dane. Based on Self’s comment above, it seems like he agrees with you. I think we should give Lightfoot more time. If he doesn’t continue to thrive, that is what it is, but until he fails, which I hope he doesn’t, give him a chance. He’s really agile.