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Krohnutz (Anonymous) says...

I don’t agree that Bowlsby was somehow a bad commish. He and Neinas both kept this thing alive while dealing with dishonest ESPN, egotistical Texass and Choklahoma, and ridiculous overblown egos from schools on the West Coast.

Have we forgot that before all this we had Thunder Dan Beebe? Mr. UT?

Bob was the right man at the right time. Nothing he could have said to UT or Oklahoma was ever going to appease them.

Hopefully Yormark is the right man at the right time now. Hopefully ESPN has eaten some humble pie.

Kornacoff can talk trash all he wants, nobody in the Big 12 would dare leave this conference for the Pac 12, and you absolutely could not say that when Bowsby took over.

Krohnutz (Anonymous) says...

Dirk, it was barely third place when it was signed, with the Big 12 set to bargain after the ACC. It was a bad contract that should have never been agreed to but they were desperate to avoid schools being free agents. In fourteen more years it will go from a poor 4th to just atrocious. What that does, however, is create risk of ESPN losing their main commodities in that conference. Imagine you are Florida State, and your buyout is 400-500 million without even fighting it, but your contract makes 35 million a season and the SEC or Big10 is 100 million plus. What I don't know is the langue of the contract buyout; prorated on time left, is it flat fee?

The business side of this always intrigues me, because ESPN has actually put themselves in a very risky scenario by their continual favoring of the ACC and Pac 12. They now find themselves locked into a contract that, while economically viable (it is cheap), puts them at risk of losing the very products they covet within that contract. Clemson and Florida State are not going to sit around and make half what their neighbors do and ESPN knows this. To safeguard push them to the SEC would require breaking up the ACC, in which case they know they might lose one or two products to a rival network. ESPN made the massive, and common, mistake of mistaking population centers for viewership, and forgot to gauge fan interest level. As though having Syracuse in a conference meant they "owned New York interest." Come on... what were they thinking? Saturdays in New York are all about Orangemen football, I guess?

So try and force an ACC and Pac 12 TV deal? That opens the door for those schools to leave. Leave it as is? That forces the Big Foosball schools to look elsewhere. Overpay the league? Why when you could manipulate it to finally trim some fat. To me ESPN should be embracing this opportunity but I am not sure they are that "with it."

There is a way to merge the Pac and ACC into the B1G, SEC and Big 12 and create a better conference overall with distributed time zones and viewership. I want to type it out but it would be too damn long to read. Suffice to say, the Big 12 would/should gain the best 4-6 of the Pac and 2 from the non SEC/B1G selected ACC remnants. The others go to the Big East, AAC or Mountain West. But we'll see how it all plays out. I am sure it will be a cluster. Should be fun to watch.

Krohnutz (Anonymous) says...

I am tentatively excited for all of this.

As a side note, if ESPN were intelligent (stop sentence there?) they would be figuring out a way to move their football inventory from the ACC to the SEC to protect it, while using the Big 12 as the center point of taking the best of the rest of the ACC and Pac 12 and smashing it into one conference. They either have to overpay for a LOT of ACC schools that are not worth close to what it would take to keep Clemson and Florida State around, or they have to break it up. Instead, a solid core of 20-24 schools spanning the entire nation could be formed that is way better positioned than either east or west regional ACC and Pac 12.

They'll do it wrong, I am sure.

Krohnutz (Anonymous) says...

So these reports about the "Pac 12 expanding," and then they list the targets, and basically every Big 12 school is on their hypothetical list...

How delusional are these idiots? The Pac 12 has zero leverage right now to pull any team away from any of the other four power five conferences. They made the least money with USC and UCLA in the conference, it is not about to get better; the idea that the rest of those teams are going to convince anybody to incur travel costs to add Washington State, Oregon State, or Cal while earning less TV money is laughable.

"Yeah, we'll take less money, and travel to you, piss off all our closest schools that have stuck it out with us, to go have Stanford and Cal tell us how much better they are than us and that we should be grateful they 'saved' us," said nobody, ever.

Krohnutz (Anonymous) says...

Been saying this forever.... The MOST overrated, overvalued, overblown conference in the United States by far is/was the Pac-12. They were propped up by a high population centered around California, yet nobody seemed to care that of those millions, those fanbases are a thin percent, fickle, and don't care the moment they know they will not win a title. This is not speculation, I lived there, the only team they live and die with starts with "L" and ends with "Akers." Even the Dodgers are a close second place. This move changes nothing of that dynamic.

The next weakest conference? The other "alliance" member, the ACC. Remove current day Clemson, Miami, Florida State and what is that conference, any one of them, and what is that conference exactly? The Big East with football?

It was always real fun for those other fanbases to point at the Big 12 and talk about how "oh they are just going to get left out, because they should, they are nothing." As though being in the Pac 12 arbitrarily made schools like Oregon State or Washington State more "valuable" than Iowa State, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, etc. Because Oregon's middle pack academics but Phil Knight Sweat Box money made them valuable? Remember when they didn't need to merge, they were too good for us? I hope the final text message Bob Bowlsby sends to George Klaikovinstein is "How does my junk taste now?"

The Big 10 will likely try to pod a system around those two LA garbo schools. So they'll add Colorado (another school with a fanbase that doesn't give a damn, hey coincidence that many of their population moved to the front range from Cali?), and probably Washington (if they go for academic fit/value) or an Arizona school (if they want geographical fit). If they form pods and put those four teams into the same pod, get ready for a mediocre mix of trash performances. USC is the Texas of the West Coast, "it's our conference's fault we aren't winning titles... not our hires, our recruits, our fans.... anything but that!"

There is an outside shot the Big 10 would reach for a school like KU to extend their reach to cover the gap to Colorado. But to be honest, I'll believe it when I see it, and frankly, who cares? Pluck a few more schools into the Big 12, be one of the last three standing when the SEC and Big 10 rob the ACC, and move forward.

And for the "but it's headed for two!" people... Just saying or reading it is headed for two, as opposed to three or four, doesn't make it a reality. Just because Finebaum only cares for 1.5 conferences doesn't mean the rest of the United States feels the same. It could end up being anything from 2-4 power conferences, but in reality, it was NEVER five.

PS: as a side note, I truly hope our business and law schools are using the "Alliance" as a lesson in "handshakes and back rubs don't mean anything, get it in writing." I think we all saw that for the joke it was.

Krohnutz (Anonymous) says...

If I knew the transfer portal combined with NIL was a time bomb, how did Mark Emmert not?

How is it his tenure lasted longer than Myles Brand?

He’ll blame the schools, but if the schools are that against any alleged changes he proposed (be real, he proposed none, he just drew a paycheck and said athletes were amateurs) then why have him/NCAA at all?

This has been a boat at sea with nobody at the helm for over a decade. It took awhile but it finally ran aground.

Krohnutz (Anonymous) says...

Wow, looking like Nike is gonna have to find a new stooge to run their clown show.

Krohnutz (Anonymous) says...

Dave there isn’t a wrong answer to this so focus on the positive. On one hand you can play ball at the next level making good money both at home or abroad. On the other, you stay put and further your education and college experience.

Good luck and have fun no matter what you do.

Krohnutz (Anonymous) says...

Every time I wanted to like Weber, his whine and cheese show just killed it for me. There has not been a bigger hypocrite and whiner in this league to date (young Scott Drew was close but he matured out of it). And while I have a lot to say about this guy, I'll load up and move on, and hope their next hire actually brings some fun to the rivalry.

Does he REALLY think that Kansas State's athletic program is clean? I guess most fans think their teams are, so maybe he actually does too? Bah... Gotta move on.

Krohnutz (Anonymous) says...

I thought Huggins might retire and sort of posed that question here a few weeks back. To be honest, I would hate to see him retire after that game though.