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KGphoto (Anonymous) says...

Well then jross, I would drop labeling people as “idiots”, because they prefer to stay positive. We’re all KU fans, just as much as you.

KGphoto (Anonymous) says...

Agreed. We need a play action in the worst way. For the life in me I can’t figure out why we aren’t doing what the Pats do so well. Sell the play action.

KGphoto (Anonymous) says...

Maybe you should un-rivet and re-assess.; ) Weis’ schedule has been unimaginable. Mangino never... NEVER... faced anything like what Weis faced last year, and probably this year too.

KGphoto (Anonymous) says...

In his defense there was a miscommunication between the kicker and the team. It seems Pardula was the only one to realize Tech’s achilles heel. There should’ve been a signal or a call to the rest of the team. Tedarian was just trying to avoid a blocked kick.

KGphoto (Anonymous) says...

That defender never saw Pardula start to run. He was sold on the return, and he was running the other way.

KGphoto (Anonymous) says...


“You just got KO’d”!

On SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

Posted 8 October 2013, 5:14 p.m. Suggest removal

KGphoto (Anonymous) says...

Haven’t heard anything about why Victor Simmons never seemed to be covering Amaro (sp). That was supposed to be the big matchup, and while I haven’t tortured myself by watching the game a second time to take a closer look, I don’t remember Simmons ever matching up with him.

I was looking for it during the game and I remember seeing Linton and Sendish, and I think Johnson. No Simmons. Can someone with a better stomach than me watch the game again and gimme some info on who covered Amaro and how often? Cuz Amaro was stifled early, but once he got rolling, the Tech offense got rolling.

-I like these OL changes. We needed more size at center.

-I like Turzilli and Ford to be the guys who stretch the field against TCU. Turzilli has shown many times that he can get behind a Big 12 defense.

-I don’t like injuries but I think Love and Heeney will be a better tandem in the middle. Faifili’s size and speed is impressive, but Love just makes plays.

-Pierson’s injury makes way at the “F” for... Nick Sizemore? Odd choice. I would’ve thought Trent Smiley would’ve gotten the nod if we went with a blocking TE, but he’s not even on the 2-deep at his position anymore. Either way I’m thinking the choice to go big at the F means we’ll be using that guy for much needed help in the run game. It also puts an exclamation point on Colin Spencer’s redshirt.

-Jordan Shelley-Smith gets his chance at #2 TE behind Mundine. Lots of competition for that spot. I’m excited to see Jordan get his chance.

KGphoto (Anonymous) says...

So true. If Tedarian blocks his guy Pardula would still be running.

KGphoto (Anonymous) says...

I feel bad for James Sims. Any chance he had of becoming the Jayhawks' all-time leading rusher flew out the window last week. I think he’ll be lucky if he gets into 3rd at this point.

Tell you one guy who’s probably glad he’s red-shirting. Taylor Cox.

KGphoto (Anonymous) says...

I agree the OL has no chemistry, but they are also being physically dominated, individually.

That play by Heaps really pissed me off. Anytime somebody runs out of bounds for a loss it just blows me away. It shows their head isn’t in the game. That goes for the RB’s too. Throw it away and save the yards! That shouldn’t have to be coached. You should have learned that as a childhood fan of the game.

I think part of the problem is that Weis is panicking a little. He’s getting a little TOO fancy lately. The Cummings experiment seemed totally unnecessary last Saturday, However I’ll give Weis credit for finally passing out of the read option.