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Jeeveshawk (Anonymous) says...

Now we will have to rely heavily on Naadir Tharpe as our star point guard in 2014. Theese are our possible backcourt lineups.

1. Tharpe
2. Frankamp
3. White
(Adams and Greene off the bench)
1. Tharpe
2. White
3. Greene
(Frankamp and Adams off the bench)

1. Demetrius Jackson
2. Naadir Tharpe
3. White
(Adams Frankamp and Greene off bench)

On 'Cat' Barber picks N.C. State

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Jeeveshawk (Anonymous) says...

Im sure Shepherd has potential as a great player. But we will need someone who can make an immediate impact at the 5 after Withey leaves. I don't know if he is up to the challenge or not.

Jeeveshawk (Anonymous) says...

What I mean is that some people, like Thomas Robinson, needed to go pro as soon as they were good enough because their poor family's need them. That wasn't the case with Xavier.

On Xavier Henry relishes KU return

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Jeeveshawk (Anonymous) says...

He didn't need the money immediately. His dad is fairly wealthy being a former NBA player.

On Xavier Henry relishes KU return

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Jeeveshawk (Anonymous) says...

Worst case scenario:
we don't get karviar or barber, Perry and Ben leave. We rely on these players:
Key reserves are Anrio Adams, Connor Frankamp, and Landen Lucas.
We tie for 1st in Big 12 and make it to sweet 16.

Medium case scenario:
Perry and Ben leave. We get Karviar and Barber. We rely on these players.
key reserves are Connor Frankamp, Brannen Greene, and Jamari Traylor.
Win Big 12 by 1-2 games and possibly make it to final four.

(realistic) best case scenario:
Perry and Ben stay. We get Barber. We rely on these players.
Key reserves are Tharpe, Frankamp, Greene, and Traylor.
Very likely final four. Possible favorites to win championship.

On Guard 'Cat' Barber visiting Kansas

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Jeeveshawk (Anonymous) says...

Im not worried about this loss, because it was to a very talented team and by only one point.

Furthermore, we had to give everybody alot of pt, if we would have stuck to a rotation of Johnson, McLemore, Releford, Ellis, Withey, Tharpe, White, and Traylor/Peters, then we would have won by a fairly comfortable margin.

Jeeveshawk (Anonymous) says...

1. Probably

2. He may be inconsistant, but he could do well on one of the games.

3. Maybe not, but come the actuall season he will shoot it more.

4. No, he may be able to crack 40% on a good game.

5. They will put in a few buckets, but they won't be key players for a couple of years.

6. He will not be consistant but he will continue to do well.

7. Self will continue to give everyone playing time.

8. Peters should continue to have solid games.

9. Kevin Young is fairly consistant and will continue to play well. If he starts depends on how Perry Ellis plays.

10. He can play but he should have limitted minutes and he won't be able to play too well.

On Jayhawks take break to see sights of Paris

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Jeeveshawk (Anonymous) says...

Anrio Adams may be a star eventually, but this season he will have to compete with Naadir Tharpe for the back-up guard spot.

Jeeveshawk (Anonymous) says...

Kansas-Ohio State-Michigan State comparison......


(McLemore/Releford)-(Sibert/Smith Jr).-(Appling/Dawson)



For 1's it looks like KU is the clear winner with Johnson, Craft is in the middle, and Trice is clearly the worst. Then at the wing spots Appling and Dawson look like they can evenly match McLemore and Releford, but Ohio State starts to lag here, as they have Lenzelle Smith Jr. who came off the bench last year, and Jordan Sibert who has been given very limited minutes.

Then with the bigs Ellis and Withey vs. Nix and Payne is very close and a tough one to predict, but then Ohio Stats continues to lag, as Thomas is a good player, but Ravenel would get eaten alive by Withey or Payne.

All three teams have good coaches, although I do not believe Thad Matta is as good as Izzo or Self.

Kansas and Michigan State seem to be the best two teams, with a slight edge toward KU because of their better point guard. Ohio State looks like a good team as well, but they do not have enough good players to seem better than KU or MSU

Jeeveshawk (Anonymous) says...

yes, and we will most likely get to play there during the ncaa tournament