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JayhawkFanInMinnesota (Anonymous) says...


JayhawkFanInMinnesota (Anonymous) says...

Wonder if Josh took the money and had his mom's name listed on the document

Josh accepts a loan for $1700.00 plus a $1000.00 interest/fee = $2700.00 to be paid back from future earnings

Hoping for the best outcome but prepared for the worse.

JayhawkFanInMinnesota (Anonymous) says...

Ever try to play basketball on a bad toe/foot? It's difficult

Ever seen a team without a good point guard have any success? It's almost impossible

Without Keenan Evans and his 18 points per game, I can't see Texas Tech having any success beating KU or WV.

However, KU must play their game with or without Evans in the game.

JayhawkFanInMinnesota (Anonymous) says...

Highly unlikely Dok will leave Kansas for the NBA draft this year.

This year's draft has way too many centers on the board who are rated higher than Dok.

JayhawkFanInMinnesota (Anonymous) says...

The formula for winning 13 Big 12 titles:

Defend Home Court + Win a few road games = Big 12 Title

Today's home game is not going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination.

JayhawkFanInMinnesota (Anonymous) says...

A KU win keeps things interesting

If KU wins, Texas Tech doesn't necessarily have to win but a loss would be great.

A KU loss and a Texas Tech win pretty much ends the streak.

JayhawkFanInMinnesota (Anonymous) says...

You are correct, home record is 4 and 2.

JayhawkFanInMinnesota (Anonymous) says...

As most know, KU has a 2 - 4 record against Big 12 opponents this year.

This season has proven we're no longer invisible at Allen Field House.

Somehow/someway, we've got to figure out a way to go 5-0 remaining of the season.

If there's any hope for another Big 12 title, there can't be anymore home losses.

Moving forward, all remaining games are MUST wins.

JayhawkFanInMinnesota (Anonymous) says...

This year we just maybe a good road team. Hopeful we can pull a win at Baylor today.

With a KU and KSU wins today, good chance to take sole position of the conference lead

Must add, considering we have back to back road games, I would consider today's game as MUST win.

Really can't see us lose at Baylor and then have to go to ISU, followed by a home game against a tough WV team.

Will need all the help we can get at this point.

JayhawkFanInMinnesota (Anonymous) says...

With a KU win, great opportunity to further extend conference lead today.

Hopefully, we'll get some help with a TCU upset of Texas Tech (this could happen).

Oklahoma at Texas.The Longhorns can pull this one off.

KSU at West Virgina, not sure it matters but one will obviously lose.