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Max Ledom

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Hawksboy88 (Max Ledom) says...

It’s a bad comment I admit it. Obvious frustration. I would delete the comment if I could but it seems like that is not possible lol I’ll have to live with it. Beer and the internet isn’t a good combo.

Hawksboy88 (Max Ledom) says...

To be fair, it isn’t a good comment and I was out late last night having a few beers to forget the game, and having the internet at your fingertips + frustration + beer is never a good combo. I’ll take that on the chin and think twice next time LOL. Thanks, Steve.

Hawksboy88 (Max Ledom) says...

It’s stunning how much better this team was with Dok and Vick. The team this year couldn’t catch a break and too much put on the shoulders of newcomers and freshman. I feel bad for them but I know they’ll avenge this season next year. I see a quick exit in this years tourney unless some major cards fall our way. But I think we return everyone. Unless Dedric or Dok bounces. Sigh.

Hawksboy88 (Max Ledom) says...

If you’re going to take a random rumor that I already discredited by saying “IF it is true” and think it’s wise to go about talking about it like it’s fact then I can’t help you.

Hawksboy88 (Max Ledom) says...

What? What type of a joke comment is that? What I just said is a hard criticism of this years team. I gave them the benefit of the doubt in the start of my comment. I’m talking about a rumor and I said “IF it’s true” meaning you can decide to believe it or not and my comment only applies IF it is true.

Chill out before you come at me saying I am some disgrace when I’ve seen you comment similar frustrations many many times before, Steve.

Hawksboy88 (Max Ledom) says...

I totally understand these kids have been through so much. Everything that could have gone wrong did. But, the rumor is Vick was voted off the team. If that has any truth, this is the most pitiful team I’ve ever seen have wear a KU uniform.

If you vote the second leading scorer off the team for ANY reason and proceed to suck as much as you did, you have to get it together.

What a disgrace of a squad. No pride. No honor. No passion. No love. Lifeless. I’m not going to make excuses for this team anymore. Today was a result of zero effort and no love. What a hard, difficult year. I hope you guys get it together next year and understand the importance of the name Kansas on the jersey.


Hawksboy88 (Max Ledom) says...

I find it really hard to be angry at this team given how everything that could go wrong has gone wrong for this squad.

But I’m irked by the “Didn’t even think of it”. Comments by Dedric and David and whoever else. You know, in a year where we needed a leader more than ever, Dedric is that guy you’d hope would be the leader. For him to even suggest that he didn’t care about the streak ending tonight is salt in the gash of a wound that has been this season.

Bill always seems to get the best out of his guys and gets them to play hard. But for the life of him he couldn’t get them to be competitive some games, and to see a comment like that reinforces my thought that a lot of these guys don’t care enough.

I’m probably being a little much in that assumption, but it would be nice to see some fire in these guys other than Dotson who has consistently seemed to be the one who truly cares. Dedric, how about be pissed off your team is the one that ended the streak and give yourself and the guys something to feed off of heading in to March Madness?

There is only one thing that will keep this team from getting bounced the first weekend. And that’s the phrase little brother down in Wichita uses a few years ago. “Play angry”. Play angry, play hard, play pissed off, or jog on.

Hawksboy88 (Max Ledom) says...

If we just didn’t lose that game to WVU. Every season has its losses of course but that is one of the more inexcusable ones in recent memory. And it puts us in this watch the top situation. Cmon Baylor!

Hawksboy88 (Max Ledom) says...

Everything was bad tonight.

But for the life of me I can’t understand why Grimes starts and plays so many minutes. It hasn’t worked all season. Mix it up, take him off the bench and see how he reacts. Maybe Bill is scared benching him will destroy any confidence he has left, but to me our team is hurt with him on the floor. He doesn’t get to the line, he doesn’t shoot the ball, he doesn’t drive the ball, he just hasn’t been good. I feel terrible for the kid but maybe try coming off the bench. Maybe it’ll slow the game down for him.

Of course I am not coach Self nor will I pretend to be. I’m sure he knows what’s best. But it’s an idea.

Hawksboy88 (Max Ledom) says...

Other than that stretch where we totally let them get back in the game when we had them all but put away, this looked like a team that’s starting to come together (down 3 players no less) and starting to believe in themselves. Dotson taking the lead by shooting the ball confidently and the other guys stepping up their scoring and production. And we had excellent defense in stretches.

We *maybe* could be witnessing Bill Self’s greatest coaching job EVER take place in front of our very eyes if we win this conference.

Championship dna. lets go hawks!