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HawkfanNWichita (Anonymous) says...

And they were Kung-fu fighting, those cats were fast as lightning......

HawkfanNWichita (Anonymous) says...

I would bet there was no whistle on that play either :)

HawkfanNWichita (Anonymous) says...

Arkansas a perennial contender in the SEC where do you get that from?

Since 1998 they are 53 wins 49 losses in conference. They have gone to 10 bowls however but lost 7 of them.

HawkfanNWichita (Anonymous) says...

I guess that the North and South would break down like this then in my crazy ramblings:

Air Force
Kansas State
Colorado State
Iowa State

Texas Tech
Oklahoma State

HawkfanNWichita (Anonymous) says...

Ok yeah I am crazy and a little too over patriotic at times but I always thought why not be aggressive and make our own 16 team conference and bring in all 3 service academies? I could see every 3rd year the Army vs Navy game down in Dallas and the exposure in the east coast markets for the league would be a plus as well.

I say give the SEC A&M for Arkansas as a fair swap. Arkansas has more to gain in the Big 12 than they do in the SEC they recruit the vast majority of their kids from Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Texas. Why not be in a league that gets you out on TV in those areas.

Bring in Tulsa and TCU and take your pick of the other Texas schools or perhaps go after Colorado State to get exposure in Colorado again.

Ok ok yeah I am crazy.

HawkfanNWichita (Anonymous) says...

A&M should be careful what they say. They could if the Big 12 survives and the big schools stay be stuck in this conference they have talked so much about wanting nothing to do with any more.

Maybe we can just trade them fair and square with Arkansas. Arkansas would have much more to gain from being in the Big 12 than A&M has to gain by going to the SEC.