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Phil Leister

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HawkOverseas (Phil Leister) says...

I’m not sure there’s a logical candidate to succeed Self at this point.

Could It ever actually be Danny? His track record as a head coach is underwhelming.

HawkOverseas (Phil Leister) says...

Serious question - has Jalen Wilson every dunked a ball at KU? I'm sure he CAN dunk, but I don't recall ever seeing him dunk.

HawkOverseas (Phil Leister) says...

I suspect Matt didn't write this article for the people who care about the win total stuff. I suspect he wrote it to piss off the few people who can't help but get their panties in a twist about it.

I'm kidding of course, Matt always takes the high road. That said, thanks Matt for needling the people who tend to get needled over everything. It's fun.

HawkOverseas (Phil Leister) says...

Jalon Daniels needs to be announced as the presumed starter barring anything unforeseen.

There is no way anyone other than him can be the starter.

HawkOverseas (Phil Leister) says...

Just love your perspective, thanks for gracing us with it. You're so insightful and I really value how you feel about things.

Thank you Rodney.

HawkOverseas (Phil Leister) says...

If the players and coaches are jacked about it, and there are 100+ groups already camping for the game, then your statement that "It does not mean anything anymore" is super strange and pretty much wrong.

HawkOverseas (Phil Leister) says...

What an awkward set of questions.

Has he made a catch like this before? His response of "maybe" tells you that he's surely made plenty of catches in his career but can't really remember them. So why proceed to ask two more questions about that "maybe" catch?

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HawkOverseas (Phil Leister) says...

Guarantee Thomson and Enaruna each drop 20+ against us next season.

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