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FLJHK (Anonymous) says...


FLJHK (Anonymous) says...

Even as just a lowly fan, it remains the '97 loss that bugs me most to this day. But Friday's loss ain't no picnic. It's tough being a Jayhawk fan.

FLJHK (Anonymous) says...

I thought you disappeared after your embarrassing statement of certainty that KU was done at halftime of the UNC game. I also seem to recollect thay your first loyalties are with the purple and white.

FLJHK (Anonymous) says...

To his credit, a friend e-mailed me immediately after EJ;s flagrant foul and said Self should eject EJ himself, that honor is more important than winning. I had a sour taste in my mouth the rest of the game as I realized he was right.

I don't blame Self. I don't know his actual view of the foul. I don't even completely blame EJ. I refuse to think that this was indicative of who he is as a person. But I do believe in Karma. Bad things were destined after that incident and it was no shock that EJ was directly and negatively involved in each of the game's critical plays.

Had Self benched EJ for the rest of the game and we managed to lose I'm sure Self would be blasted by many. But I like to think I wouldn't feel as rotten as I do right now.

As a person, EJ needs to confront this matter. As a human being he needs to show he is better than this. I pray he will do so.

It is an immense joy to be a Kansas basketball fan. But it is simultaneously as agonizing as anything can be. This one is going to hurt forever.

FLJHK (Anonymous) says...

Self has 5 days to prep for Mich. I like our chances.
Florida hasn't won a close game all season.

FLJHK (Anonymous) says...

Why do broadcasters continually dwell on KU's NCAA losses? I don't hear that with Duke, Syracuse, Georgetown and others with many similar early losses over the years. Why don't the gutty performances like last year's run, the 2008 championship or Self's overall stellar NCAA record get more mention?

FLJHK (Anonymous) says...

This is a low point. The last time I remember being this distressed at the performance of a KU team at this point in the season was 1988, Danny Manning’s senior year. Of course, things turned out rather well that year.
I’m in no way suggesting that the end result of this season has much likelihood of ending the way ’88 did. While by no means a fluke, no one could have reasonably predicted the ultimate outcome that year. But certainly this is a season without any dominant teams, and the NCAA tourney is likely to be a crapshoot.
But the experience of a mid-season slump is relatively new territory for many Jayhawk fans. Fact is, we have been incredibly spoiled for 25 years. Through these years, only Duke has rivaled our level of regular season excellence, and many undervalue the significance of our regular season accomplishments. In many recent years the Big “12” was a decent hoops conference, and our dominance was not expected. This year, a conference championship was virtually assumed. Funny how that works out.
My main point here is that we don’t know how this all works out. It is actually quite normal for teams to go into slumps. It has happened in virtually all other elite hoops programs. We don’t know how this one turns out. The same players and coach that got us to 19-1 also got us to 19-4.
I’ve lost faith in neither.

FLJHK (Anonymous) says...

Travis Releford is Pierre Russell, 40 years later. Both are studs and among my all-time favorite Jayhawk hoopsters.

On Opinion: Guard play concern for KU

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FLJHK (Anonymous) says...

Miscellaneous observations:

1. On the petty level of college athletics, and particularly Div 1 football, it seems as if the nation is best served by a minimum of five major conferences. It is clear which five those are. However, things seem to be in motion for the eventual emergence of four, 16-team superconferences. Three of those are clear; the Big 12 and ACC will compete to be the 4th.

2. In the ACC-Big 12 battle, tradition, academic pedigree and population favor the ACC. The Big 12 wins on football, and by largely delivering the state of Texas. As goes Texas, so goes the Big 12. That's not a reality that should provide much in the way of comfort to the rest of the conference.

3. There are multiple viable ways for the B1G and SEC to poach their way to 16 teams. Routes for the PAC are far less obvious or desirable, but that conference is truly the wild card in all of this. The PAC's only viable route of expansion is with Big 12 teams, geographically and culturally awkward as that may be. But the PAC is the potential linchpin for the demise of the Big 12.

4. I don't know how or to what degree politics plays in this game but it is silly not to consider it at minimum a major factor. It's pretty interesting to look at the major conferences from a red state - blue state perspective. The SEC and Big 12 are basically red; the PAC and Big 10 mostly blue, and the ACC mainly blue but mixed. But broader considerations such as energy, resource extraction, trade corridors and like matters may also be in play. How this plays out in university conference affiliations I can't figure, but I tend to believe Jaybate has identified the possible significance of these matters, and they likely play a far larger role than most of us have considered.

5. None of these musings lead to any obvious conclusion for a simple mind like mine. But I will say that if these various factors, along with GOR and exit fee considerations, somehow lead to a B1G invite to KU, I would immediately jump.

6. In the meantime, the Big 12 must recognize its battle for survival with the ACC.Sitting at 10 members is a surrender tactic. Whether or not the four superconference scenario ever plays out, a minimum 12-team conference is essential. If Florida State is at all an option, it should be exercised. I'd prefer several over Clemson as the 12th, including Ga. Tech, Louisville or Va, Tech, but getting to 12 needs to occur.

FLJHK (Anonymous) says...

With the record they have and the difficulty of playing in the Big 12, players on many teams would have given up by now. It is clear that this team has not. They are a tough bunch. Credit to Charlie and the entire coaching staff for that. Better times are coming.