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Lee Short

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Ellhs (Lee Short) says...

Chris, in case you google news on Kansas basketball and see this, please come to Kansas. We'll love it. You'll love it. Remember what Jalen noted, "Who'd ever want to leave?".

Ellhs (Lee Short) says...

Can't imagine how high he would go in the NBA draft and how good KU would be if Harris kept his defense where it is and played as well as a healthy Remy Martin, the MOP through the first 4 games of the tourney.

The ncaa website has the last 3 minutes you can watch. As warranted, the announcers had really high praise for Remy.

Harris has so much potential, just needs more confidence and aggressiveness.

Ellhs (Lee Short) says...

Brett is just upset that Doug is a lot more clued in than him. His truth is much closer to hitting the mark than Brett's.
Brett has an uncanny ability to demonstrate ignorance at every turn, it seems. Obviously.

Ellhs (Lee Short) says...

This is just so wonderful. I am so happy for Wiggs to get this far.

Now, if we can get Embiid into the finals next year with a possibility at a shot for MVP.

Ellhs (Lee Short) says...

Man, I wish Remy could have been healthy all year to step up another level the year prior when he won the Pac-12 POY. He was a on the watch list for best guard in the NCAA and projected Big 12 POY as well. He could have clearly accomplished those expectations if not for the chronic injury. No fluke that he won the POY for the NCAA tourney for games 1-4 or 2/3rds of our 6 tourney games. He was also the best player in the Big 12 tourney and won much of the last player ratings for once healthy at the end.

He has such a great attitude.

Does anyone know what Remy is planning on doing next year?

Ellhs (Lee Short) says...

His coming to KU would likely bump us up in the pre-season polls. This on top of having the 3rd highest recruiting class. Wow.

Ellhs (Lee Short) says...

I saw an article today that says people saying NIL would mean winners and losers is premature. The article was from last summer. The article was written way too early to see how all this unfolds. But seriously, as NIL proliferates over the next 10 years, how does the University of Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Iowa, South Carolina, Alabama, Auburn, etc. stand a chance to attract a player likely to make big bucks off NIL. In fact, you can easily see sponsoring companies (or billionaire fans who have influence over a given company) essentially buying a whole college starting team in a market where advertising dollars are huge. Or, at least the player thinks he might do well financially to leave his home area e.g. Fayetteville, Arkansas he might do so vs. what he would have done otherwise.

This Miami situation is just the start. This is going to be more and more of a sticky mess over time.

You can see Nike, automatically, giving $100K contracts to the top 5 players in the major schools they sponsor. That would be a drop in the bucket for the advertising value for them and the payoff to the players.

Ellhs (Lee Short) says...

Bryce, I had to look some things up. After doing so, I must say I agree with you. And, referring to Kansas Jayhawks as Kansas City Jayhawks is unbelievable. Kansas is one of the discussed basketball programs of all time.

Tim & Brett, I also with your concerns over NIL are spot on. Looks like we've created a huge mess here. One example: Nijel Pack getting $800K LifeWallet gig to leave K-state for Miami. This should be like a 5-alarm warning fire about the potential of college sports being destroyed. (See the cbs ncaa bb article.) When you read it, you think. Why is the NCAA even thinking about schools, a few years ago, possibly involved in some inappropriate monetary actions? Seems like the train, now, has with permission left the station. And the dollars involved already dwarf anything in the past.

I am not clear as to how we now enter fairness, as in fairness across colleges across the country, into this.

If I had to predict, without caps of some kind, in 10-years the top schools will be in proximity of the largest/most expensive markets where the commercial deals can be the largest. If these areas could get the best players, they could get coaches drawn to those schools, just KY, NC, KS and Duke have drawn, heretofore, prize coaching jobs.

I hope I am wrong, but I do know a little bit how much advertising $'s is spent in large markets vs other markets. Implications are scary.

Ellhs (Lee Short) says...

Remy was the best player in the portal. I know he didn't start, but zero chance we would have won the natty without. (The TV analysts were right on this.)

Maybe this guy could come over and be the 6th man as well.

It would be awesome to win the transfer portal prize two years in a row. It would seem like a nice reputation to get since we have not been the number one incoming high school recruit class in quite a while.

That said, with coach Self having the best coaching reputation in college basketball now that K and Wright are out, I am hoping Self starts getthing the top recruiting class as often Duke and KY have in the past.

Ellhs (Lee Short) says...

On somewhat of a related note, the big man for NC and for Kentucky (aka POY) are coming back next year. I assume their decisions are adversely affecting the development of up and coming players. I wonder how that is being perceived. NC and Kentucky are now ranked number 1 and 2 in the CBS pre-season poll.