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DrJerky (Anonymous) says...

Made the mistake of checking to see if they have any additional news. Of course, they had no additional insight. In fact, they are referencing your blog Matt. Not surprised a bit. Please forgive my lapse in judgement for thinking there was an unturned stone concerning this issue, least of all on a misery message board. Here's one of the posts I happend accross, it was in response to a quote lifted from your blog:

"Didn't read it Couldn't care less what those mouth breathers have to say.

They can DIAF at this point for all I care.

I hope Lawrence burns again.

Actually, those last 2 statements have always been true, but moreso today."

Real classy bunch. I don't like what their departure means for KC, but they belong in the sewers of the SEC.

DrJerky (Anonymous) says...


Hey, slaver, make it to a Final Four lately? Go make out with your sister.

On FINAL: Northern Iowa shocks Kansas, 69-67

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DrJerky (Anonymous) says...

Big Terd,
Your asking questions as if you don't realize you're on a KU basketball message board. If you think this about 10 guys in their underwear, I think you're on the wrong website.

On FINAL: Northern Iowa shocks Kansas, 69-67

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DrJerky (Anonymous) says...

33-3: Great record, but the record doesn't mean we had a great season. Our early exit in the greatest spectacle in all of sports downgrades this season's success significantly.
Winning Big XII league AND tourney: awesome
Sherron Collins: incredible heart, incredible competitor, one of the the best guards we've seen at KU no matter how ineffective he was tonight. Wish he would have made a couple more shots, but the steal, the 3, and the dish against Memphis were amazing.
Cole Aldrich: Soft on offense tonight, should not miss 4 footers (sick of the term "bunny")
Morris twins: great improvement this year, both with skill level and on-court composure.
X: Soooooooo not ready for the NBA

I'm a Jayhawk fan through and through, but that doesn't mean I can't be upset with my team when they really choke one off in the second round of the ncaa tournament when they are the overall number one seed!!!!

i truly believe that our best is better than anyone else's best. I realize that a team rarely plays it's best every night; what happened tonight never should have happened!!!. Losing to Northern Iowa (no matter how good they are) in the second round is completely unacceptable.

I'm proud to be a Jayhawk, and I'd rather lose crimson and blue than win any other color, but tonight was just horrible. We'll never see how we stand up against Syracuse, Kentucky, Duke, or West Virginia (or any other team for that matter) and that just infuriates me. Not being ready to play tonight is absolutely sickening. This team was so incredibly stacked, words of disappointment escape me.

I hate the fact that so many people assign a team's success or failure based on their perfomance in the Tournament, but post-season play is a part of the entire season. I value the league title. I value the big xii tournament wins. I value sweeping our rivals! Losing in the tournament like this makes me sick.

i know the guys in the locker room are hurting a hell of a lot more than I am, and my heart goes out to them (I hope there's a crowd waiting for them at Allen, Sherron deserves it); but I want answers. Why the hell did we play so horrible in the first half? Why the hell couldn't we cover the shooters tonight (I realize we guarded them fairly well most of the time)? Why did we start so horribly slow in sooooo many games this season?

Thanks for allowing me to get this rant off my helps assuage my pain....but only in the smallest of measures.

On FINAL: Northern Iowa shocks Kansas, 69-67

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DrJerky (Anonymous) says...

Games can be broken down to the nth degree, but one constant for success is intensity. It's OK to have a bad game now and again, but it's inexcusable to play with the horrible energy level that we played with today and last week against Tech. It's March for Pete's sake. Maybe this team could learn a few lessons from our football team.

FYI, this loss is the first time in Big XII tourney history that a #1 seed has fallen to a #9 seed. Great to have another "first."