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CharlieGaughn (Charlie Gaughn) says...

This is a bad idea from several perspectives. There are nine weeks to evaluate local high school talent on Friday nights. We should have staff and coaches at those games building relationships with players and coaches. Parents that have kids playing, cheering, or in the marching band will attend the high school games rather than KU/Tennessee Tech. High school players interested in the program will not be able to attend the game.

This decision was very "Zenger Like".

On KU football to kick off 2022 season on a Friday

Posted 18 December 2021, 11:39 a.m. Suggest removal

CharlieGaughn (Charlie Gaughn) says...

The number of stars is more of a measure of how many big time programs are recruiting a player rather than their talent level. If Texas goes after a player they are almost assured to be a 5 star recruit. We've seen what that gets them.

As for juco transfers, I've never been a fan but the current situation is a bit different. As I understand it, the juco ranks also got a Covid year. So if they played the last two years in juco they come in with three years of eligibility remaining with the ability to redshirt if necessary. That certainly merits looking at them more closely than in a typical year.

CharlieGaughn (Charlie Gaughn) says...

Forward progress was obviously stopped on the fourth and one. As Mangino would say: "Dollar signs". A loss would've probably killed OU's playoff hopes as well as the chance for the Big 12 to get any team in. As frustrating as that call was, you have to be super proud of the way the players hung in there for the entire game. Hope this is the type of play we can begin to expect.

CharlieGaughn (Charlie Gaughn) says...

It was probably an omen when the flyover missed the end of the National Anthem only to blow by in the middle of "Crimson and the Blue". The team ran onto the field with the enthusiasm of someone about to get a root canal. The constant Rap music, another goofy uniform, and the amplified band music that sounded like it was coming from a cheap transistor radio, all led to a very unpleasant gameday experience. Not to mention the game itself.

Oregon may have started all of this uniform nonsense but we're not Oregon. This is a program that needs consistency at every turn. Establishing a single home and road uniform would at least be a start. Dirk you're absolutely correct in that much was made of branding when "He who should not be mentioned" was AD. Now it seems like we just throw on any color and logo that looks like the flavor of the month at Baskin Robbins. No wonder the players look confused on the field. If a kid won't come here because he wants to wear a different uniform every week then he's probably not very committed to the program anyway.

The only bright spot was to see the throwback to one of the old pregame videos. I hate to think what home crowds will look like the rest of the season.

CharlieGaughn (Charlie Gaughn) says...

While we're talking stats here's some more. Since KU has had a football program the most dismal 10 year stretch occurred (you guessed it) between 2011 and 2020 with a total of 18 wins. Even more discouraging is that the most successful 10 year period occurred between 1902 and 1911 with a total of 69 wins playing only 85 games. Comparing this to our friends down the road to the west, their worst 10 year stretch was between 1943 and 1952 with only 10 wins. However, under Snyder they snagged 100 wins between 1994 and 2003. Pretty meaningless statistics other than you can say that historically we can't expect much.

The total demise of this program occurred with the hiring of Charlie Weis as he chased off 29 scholarship players to bring in his "Cavalry" of juco and graduate transfers. That turned into disaster and we've never recovered from a numbers standpoint. Now with the transfer portal and new redshirt rules it's that much tougher if not impossible.

I like what I've seen out of Leipold. It's going to take a lot of committed "diamonds in the rough" and player development to get this program turned around. Jason Bean appears to have stepped in nicely at QB. Can any one tell me how many years of eligibility he has left? I've heard two and I've heard three including this year.

CharlieGaughn (Charlie Gaughn) says...

The ability to play in four games and still redshirt combined with the transfer portal makes it nearly impossible to build a program as down as this one. I'll be very surprised if Gardner is the only one. We still have a week to go.

KU is going to have to start recruiting more local kids passionate about the school and the program. The obvious problem is that the local talent pool does not provide a lot of players that can step right in. Most will need to redshirt and be developed. Even then there's no assurance that they will ever be impact players. However, this approach would at least let us get our scholarship numbers up and we'd have kids in the program for four or five years. Quite honestly the outcome on the scoreboard couldn't be any worse than it's been in the last ten years.

CharlieGaughn (Charlie Gaughn) says...

My biggest concern is players deciding to redshirt and transfer after game four. Losing two or three young talents has a huge impact on programs like this. We're seeing that on the defensive side this year. Keep your fingers crossed.

CharlieGaughn (Charlie Gaughn) says...

This is absolutely pathetic. KU has no one to blame for being pretty much screwed but themselves. We've had 20 years of incompetent AD's that floated along thinking that basketball would somehow save us.

Al Bohl hired Mangino and turned the football fortunes around almost immediately. Then Roy got poopy and made sure that Bohl was fired. Then he (Roy) promptly left anyway. Then we hired Lew Perkins who wanted to hire "his coach" and promptly organized a coup against Mangino. Problem was, Mangino started winning and it was difficult for Perkins to have his way until he got numerous assistants to play along and Mangino had a down season. Thus Mangino (the winningest coach in KU history) was ultimately fired.

It has been all down hill since then. After Turner Gill, KU should've begged Mangino to come back, right the ship, and help find his long term replacement. Make no mistake, I had dealings with Mangino and he was not a nice individual. Bill Snyder wasn't a nice individual either. That's not necessarily a requirement to be a good college football coach.

Fans need to realize that there is no interest on the part of the Big 10, ACC, or Pac 12 to bring KU in. It's a small market, low enrollment, non-football school. Yes, a KU/Michigan/Ohio State/Michigan State basketball matchup might be fun, it' just doesn't generate the revenue.

It's time to jump to the Mountain West, become competitive in football, and position the program for the next "big re-allignment thing".

CharlieGaughn (Charlie Gaughn) says...

Moving one of our 6 games to Friday night won’t help overall sales. That could be a very dismal crowd.

CharlieGaughn (Charlie Gaughn) says...

I'm optimistic that we'll show some competitiveness this season. I'm also concerned about the 4 game red shirt rule. How many players will elect to transfer after game 4 and use their red shirt year? Hopefully we've seen all of that we're going to but if that happens it would be devastating to the program.