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Boise_Jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

Am headed out for lunch here in downtown Boise, we'll keep my eyes open for Zenger.

Boise_Jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

Could getting WVU be the gateway to getting Pitt to change it's commitment from the ACC to the Big 12?

Boise_Jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

I love this. KU to play football in Boise every so often, and getting coverage locally here in Idaho. ND playing several non-conference football games against Big 12 opponents. This would be fantastic.

Boise_Jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

Spellcheck on Virginia in the title.

Realignment is a nice distraction from the challenges KU is facing on the defensive side of the football field so far this year.

Boise_Jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

Boise itself is a city/market that will continue to grow in the future. Climate and natural attractions are excellent. In my opinion these are overlooked reasons for Boise State's success in football, i.e. that it's a great place to live, work and go to school. Area population has probably grown tenfold in the past 40 years.

This is a part of the country likely to grow and prosper in the years ahead. My guess is that if (yes it's a big IF) Boise State were to be included in the Big 12, it would be based on anticipated growth/improvement, not just on the current status of academics, overall athletics programs, population in the area, etc.

In evaluating expansion options, should the Big 12 look solely to the past or present, or consider anticipated growth trends?

Boise_Jayhawk (Anonymous) says...

I'd love to see the 'Hawks playing in Boise every other year, but as TenaciousD points out, BSU is all football and very dependent on Coach Peterson for continued national success. BYU is much stronger overall.

On Big 12 might survive

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