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Brian Skelly

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BPSkelly (Brian Skelly) says...

I think the real issue for the Pac 12 is that Oregon, UW, Cal, Stanford all SOUND like they're still targets for the Big 10.

My guess is it's still smart to make strong pushes for "The Corner Four" because of that fact alone. They're also wanted in the Big 12. Not so much in the Big 10.

Go where your wanted and can thrive.

BPSkelly (Brian Skelly) says...

Maybe the thinking has changed 10, 20 years later. But to me it's the road to perdition.

The whole blow up with the Big 12 initially was Mizzou and Nebraska (and A&M to some degree) bitching that UT (and OU) were getting to much money because it was based on TV games and time slots. Mind you both Mizzou and Nebraska were for this... until they were against it.

If the ACC goes this route to appease Clemson and a few other schools it's the beginning of the end for them. Now... it maybe already. But as we've seen things can blow up slowly... then all at once.

BPSkelly (Brian Skelly) says...

There's not going to be a merger. The four teams talked about the most -- ASU, Arizona, Utah, Colorado -- are likely halfway out the door.

My guess is that's all that's going to happen on the Big 12 end.

Oregon and Washington simply want to not be left behind. But it's obvious they're eyeing the Big 10 (and who isn't) and not the Big 12. I can't envision Cal or Stanford doing that either.

A merger puts the conference at 22 teams. I can't see how that functions, especially with two completely different leadership cultures in place.

If you went to 18 -- an absurd number in itself -- you could at least have 3 divisions for football. West, Central, East. I have no idea how even that gets managed. It's why 16 with four divisions/pods helps. Much easier to uniformially schedule.

Regardless, I agree with what Matt stated in a previous piece. KU is in a decent spot now, or so you would think. Either somehow the Big 10 goes really big and KU sneaks in as one of the last teams in, or we're in a large and "3rd" conference for football that will bring dollars and eyeballs -- even if it's not at the Big 10 or SECs level.

BPSkelly (Brian Skelly) says...

Unless the Big 12 can convince ESPN -- doubtful, but who knows -- to convert the Longhorn Network into the Big 12 network once UT goes to the SEC (which already has it's own tier 3 network), I don't know / see how you go past 16 teams -- in adding the ones being talked about.

Of course, if that happens, maybe ESPN sees the sense plopping that down in many many more markets -- including some good ones -- it might see the sense of it. Of course it'll more likely shut it down.

BPSkelly (Brian Skelly) says...

Because UW, Oregon, and the Cal/Stanford combo would look at the Big 12 as it's 2nd choice.

The Arizona schools and Utes and Buffs aren't going to be offered to join the Big 10, likely ever. The lifeline from the Big 12 has percolated about in previous rounds of this realignment stuff, so it's probably a better fit from the get go.

BPSkelly (Brian Skelly) says...

Not really. Since geography seems to be less of an issue now (at least to TV executive).

CU didn't provide the Big 12 much value previously. And it's AD is worse off now. CU just doesn't add the value to make it work.

BPSkelly (Brian Skelly) says...

It may sound crazy, but maybe Arizona / ASU along with Utah and Colorado should be targets.

My guess is markets and athletic department wise they're probably comparable to a lot of the Big 12. KU is high on that list, and will likely be the highest once UT and OU leave.

I too dream of the Big 10 as a possibility for KU. But this usc / ucla move seems like it's way out of the leftfield and is going cause a lot of scrambling for everyone.

BPSkelly (Brian Skelly) says...

Im comfortable that between this board, and conversations with KU fans and alums that I on multiple occasions expressed frustrations with David McCormick. But it seemed like the 2nd half of his Senior year he played like a Senior and realized whatever happens, this was it.

When he made those baskets at the end of the game I was nearly in tears. Of the guys -- the human heartburn machine -- was the one who hit the big shots to win it had a level of satisfaction and fulfillment that was just off the charts. Trying to explain it to my wife was difficult, but made it clear that him being the guy who made the biggest shots at KU in a decade+ was somewhat improbable. And awesome has it gets.

BPSkelly (Brian Skelly) says...

Good for him. Can't wait to see this guy on the court for KU!

BPSkelly (Brian Skelly) says...


The Pack deal is insane, and my guess won't be worth it unless Miami has another deep run in them for the tournament -- which it might.

I couldn't disagree more about a cap. We're currently in the "wild west" time of all this, but what people don't understand -- or should more than they do considering what Adidas was clearly shuffling to KU players -- is that now this simply out in the open.

The reality is that it's NOT equal and won't be -- and never really has been. I don't get how people are chortling about this.

The NCAA will have little to no say in this. Legally, it'll be tough to claim any sorta restrictions on this. And after the Supremes ruled against them 9-0, I really, really, really don't see where they're going to get the upper hand in this.