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AustinHawkKC (Anonymous) says...

PismoBeach, I'm pretty sure Baylor is still in Texas.

AustinHawkKC (Anonymous) says...

Completely agree. Reminded me of Sam Mellinger's Sunday column in the KC Star, when he loosely referred to "college sports" as the "NCAA". The NCAA is a bloated bureaucracy that does more harm than good. But here's the fact that should make every Jayhawk's blood boil.

The reason why basketball "doesn't matter" in realignment is because the NCAA milks all the money from the tournament. In fact, it virtually accounts for ALL of their annual revenue. As a result, tourney $$ pays for ALL of their overhead. Rules enforcement, admin, scholarships, running Div 2 & 3 events, you name it is all paid on the shoulders of men's basketball.

My ultimate realignment hope is that this leads to a secession from the NCAA, which will kill that beast and bring basketball $$ back to the basketball schools.