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AlecRaenos (Anonymous) says...

Which just goes to prove how overrated the SEC is if Kentucky is making bowls regularly.

AlecRaenos (Anonymous) says...

Missed in all this is Missouri recruiting in Texas is going to take a BIG hit.

I hope they leave. They are going to be the Vanderbilt of the SEC only without decent basketball.

AlecRaenos (Anonymous) says...

Waiting on Missouri. Im sure that whoever we offer will be made as soon as Missouri makes a decision.

The longer it takes, the more I think its likely Missouri is leaving and is prolonging things to make it tougher on the Big 12 for the future. One last "eff you" to the conference before they bolt.

AlecRaenos (Anonymous) says...

Maintenence of a 7 game losing streak Mangino left us with? Looks to me like Gill is doing that.

Mangino is the most over-rated coach in the history of football. If Mangino had to play ANYONE good in the South in the Orange Bowl year, Kansas wouldn't have made that BCS bowl. They were not that good of a team, highlighted by the fact that the ONE good team in the conference we played that year, we freaking lost to.

Im tired of hearing about that fat piece of s**t. He's gone, move on.

AlecRaenos (Anonymous) says...

Houston has at least 3 campuses and I think even more. So its a pretty good comparison.

AlecRaenos (Anonymous) says...

CalHawk, Kansas doenst want to do Tier 3 revenue sharing either. Fact is, until TLN, Kansas made more on Tier 3 revenue than anyone in teh conference. NEarly 8 million a year. KState brought in 2 million. Why the hell would they want to share?

TLN existing isnt the issue. THe issue is the programming on it. And thats a real issue that DOES need to be addressed.

1) No High School content of any kind. No games, no highlights, no discussing players currently in high school at all. No talking about current commits, or possible commits or anything. No mention of anyone that is not already a student at UT.

2) No conference Tier 3 games exclusively on TLN. If a conference game ends up on TLN, all revenue from that game is split 100% equally between the two teams, from both teams networks.

These are completely fair and reasonable concessions to ask of Texas.

AlecRaenos (Anonymous) says...

Memphis is a hell of a lot closer than Boise State. They make no sense regionally speaking. Boise St, if they get to a big conference, belongs in only the Pac. Thats the only place that is regionally close to them and with their academics they wont be going to the Pac ever.

Boise State is a flash in the pan. They will be done with their run sooner rather than later and Id just assume the Big 12 fold than add those worthless losers to the conference. That reeks of desperation.

AlecRaenos (Anonymous) says...

Im not sure what Sooner fans you are talking to, probably younger ones that don't remember or dont know how important the Husker/Sooner rivalry was.

That trumped UT/OU every year.

AlecRaenos (Anonymous) says...

Michigan and OSU are in separate divisions and they still play every year.

Splitting OU and UT doesnt have to end the rivalry. And really, that rivalry will NEVER be as good as OU/NU was and that one was split. OU/NU was the best game of the year for Big 8 fans regardless of who you cheered for.

Anyway, splitting OU/UT doesn't HAVE to destroy the rivalry. Just give each team a cross divisional "rivalry" game like the Big 10 did but UT and OU really need to be split up this time around. There is too much power in the south in football. Balancing the divisions is going to be important going forward.

AlecRaenos (Anonymous) says...

Actually he is playing in Greece. His teammate issues followed him to Poland where he "mutually" agreed to part ways with the team after being tossed out of the NBA.