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AlecRaenos (Anonymous) says...

It was that year Scott Drew threw out that zone in the Big 12 tourney at us and we hadn't seen them play zone all year and were unprepared for it and they sucker punched us in the first round.

That's how Mizzou won the title.

On Neinas says Big 12 set for 10 teams in 2012

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AlecRaenos (Anonymous) says...

The thing is, KSU's talent level isn't drastically different from KUs but the results on the field are drastically different.

I want Gill to succeed, that means KU can succeed, but this year, what I am seeing, is that the coaching is not even HS level coaching at least on defense. Snyder isn't exactly working with top notch prospects either but his guys are well coached.

Is it fair that I am comparing Gill to Snyder? Yes it is. Kansas should not have hired a guy to learn on the job. Not at this level. Not with what is at stake. Gill may be a great coach someday, but he is not going to find out at Kansas. He will not finish his tenure here.

AlecRaenos (Anonymous) says...

Its not but dude above is saying "absolute non-entity outside of football" which tecuani's post disproves.

And this is ONLY about football. TCU replaces A&M easily.

AlecRaenos (Anonymous) says...

Matt, since Missouri is still a member of this conference they abstained from voting on this grant of rights, does that mean that should they choose to leave, that they give up their TV rights for 6 years now? Or are they exempt? Obviously A&M is exempt because their actual acceptance to another conference pre-dates this move but Missouri has not accepted nor applied anywhere for all we know.

AlecRaenos (Anonymous) says...

I believe they can. The bylaws state that with approval of 75% of the members, suspension of membership can ensue if said member has failed to pay annual dues, or comply with Section 4 of the bylaws (concerning members) or violate any of the bylaws of the conference. In section it states:
Encourage collaboration in areas beyond athletics that builds good-will between
institutions and promotes the overall missions of the universities.

That part about building good-will between institutions could be enacted as grounds for termination or suspension of membership in Missouri's case.

I could be wrong but that's how I read it.

AlecRaenos (Anonymous) says...

Sounds like a plan because there is no one we add that will cause ESPN to reasonably want to negotiate the Tier 1 rights anyway. 10 until the ESPN contract is up and then, we shop our Tier 1 around and get the best deal.

AlecRaenos (Anonymous) says...

Boise State was a junior college 12 years ago and their academics are terrible. Football wise, they are a great team but they bring no markets and nothing else to the table. Couple that with extreme distance and Boise State is a last move IMO.

TCU would have been a good 11th or 12th team but BYU should have been the first IMO. The TCU move sounds more to me like the other schools are sticking it to Texas for all their BS the last few years.

AlecRaenos (Anonymous) says...

For a basketball school, football still makes us more money. YOu dont throw away 17 million dollars a year.

The same is true for UNC and Kentucky and Duke as well. Even a crappy football program makes more money than an elite basketball program.

AlecRaenos (Anonymous) says...

Great, Big 12 is our best option which means B1G is not an option.

Although he said "options" so I guess one could infer that there are multiple scenario's for Kansas if the Big 12 goes kaput. Just not the most ideal option the B1G